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The Complete Google Analytics Guide: How to Measure Content Marketing Conversions + ROI

reading time: 2 mins
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It’s no longer enough for content marketers to use pageviews and uniques to prove ROI. At this point, it’s imperative that content marketers tie their activities to real business results.
One way to do that is by measuring conversions. 
A “conversion” is an action a user takes that gets them one step closer to becoming a customer: signing up for your newsletter, entering their personal information into a form to receive a whitepaper, making a purchase.
Conversions are key to nurturing prospects and building relationships with existing customers. When people convert, this indicates that they trust your brand and are looking to engage with you on an on-going basis. You have their permission to connect with them regularly until they’re ready to buy, or to keep them engaged in between purchases.
Given that, conversions are a key indicator of how effective your content marketing program is.
In this series of articles, webinars, and a video, Liam Moroney, NewsCred’s Program Director, will walk you through measuring conversions using Google Analytics. He’ll give you step-by-step instructions for setting up your Google Analytics instance to ensure you’re recording clean data, and show you how to parse that data to gain actionable insights that will better inform your content marketing strategy.
Each piece builds upon the others; start with the first and work your way down:
Google Analytics: The Content Marketer’s Playbook
Google Analytics: The Complete Guide to Setting up Your Content Hub to Measure Conversions
VIDEO: How to Use Google Analytics to Measure Content Marketing Conversions
WEBINAR: How to Measure Content Marketing Conversions with Google Analytics
Google Analytics: Gaining Actionable Insights on Content Marketing Conversion Goals
WEBINAR: Google Analytics: Setting Up Your Content Hub to Measure Conversions (Part 2)

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