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Welcome Free

An intuitive, easy-to-use project management tool, purpose-built for small marketing teams (up to 5)

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Welcome Create

Powerful content creation tools, workflows and publishing integrations for content teams

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Welcome Manage

Field requests from your entire organization, proof content of any kind, and guarantee brand compliance

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Welcome Orchestrate

A comprehensive solution for end-to-end campaign visibility, execution and measurement

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Includes Create, plus:


Includes Manage, plus:


You can do more with Welcome‘s ever-growing library of Extensions.

Welcome Library

Store all of your final assets in Library, Welcome’s natively integrated digital asset manager, for easy discovery and reuse.

Welcome Integrations

Harmonize your martech stack with Welcome’s self-service integration marketplace of 50+ native connectors.

Welcome Analytics

Measure the impact of your web content with Welcome Content Analytics, giving you insights from engagement to revenue influence.

Welcome Sandbox

Test, experiment, innovate, and get early access to exclusive beta features to stay on the cutting edge of your marketing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! It’s entirely free for up to 5 users. While it’s a great tool for simple project and task management, we’d invite you to request a demo of our Welcome Create, Welcome Manage, or Welcome Enterprise products and see if our additive features for campaign planning, content creation, digital asset management and resource management can help transform how your marketing team works.

Each of our packages are designed to provide a distinct, tailor-made solution. Typically, we find that…

Welcome Create is a category-leading tool (according to Gartner) designed for content teams where ideation, content collaboration (create, review, approval workflows) and publishing are paramount.

Welcome Manage works well for Creative Services organizations, or any marketing team ready to implement new processes that streamline creative production and maximize production out of their team resources.

Welcome Orchestrate brings it all together within a single, comprehensive solution — balancing enterprise-grade functionality with the intuitive, easy-to-use experience found across the board.

We’d encourage you to review the feature comparison table above for a better sense of what’s included in each.

And of course, if you’d like to be sure, don’t hesitate to reach out —we’ll be happy to help scope your requirements and deliver a solution fit to your team’s needs.

While these are all perfectly adequate project management tools, we see many customers switch to Welcome when they’re looking for a platform built specifically for marketing. In addition to the project management functionality offered by our friends above, Welcome delivers marketing-centric capabilities to help you plan and manage campaigns, create and govern assets, publish content, and integrate with other marketing systems. Many of our customers fall in love with our visual planning calendars, free stock imagery, and leading content analytics, in particular.

Yes and no. While Welcome is powerful enough to scale up to support enterprise teams of hundreds (or even thousands!) of users like these other tools, there are other distinct differences.

For example, Welcome offers a sleek and modern user interface (one that Forrester scored a 5 out of 5). We also offer a free version of our platform so teams can get started right away. That’s all part of our mission to build software specifically for marketers that both delights and delivers value.

Additionally, only Welcome has been recognized as a 4x Leader by Gartner for CMPs and called the “one to watch” by Forrester in its most recent MRM Wave.

Within each package, Welcome offers 3 types of seats: Full, Library-Only, and Guest.

Full users are priced in alignment with the respective Welcome package. These users are typically a regular user of Welcome — either a full-time employee on the marketing team, or individual that often contributes to campaigns and content. Please see specific role assignments and common use cases in the table below.

Library-Only users are sold in packs of 100. Typically reserved for non-marketing teams (e.g. Sales) who are regular consumers of marketing content, these users receive access to the Library module (Welcome DAM) only, and can view, search, and download uploaded assets and approved content. Note: Welcome DAM sold separately.

Guest users are free of charge across all of Welcome’s paid plans. These users have limited access to the platform, but can submit marketing work requests as well as view (read-only) the Calendar to stay up-to-date on plans. Typically, these seats are ideal for business stakeholders that need read-only access to marketing plans, and/or collaborate with the marketing organization very infrequently.

Because each of our packages are designed to provide a tailor-made solution, we offer select integrations free of charge within each (for example, Welcome Create includes publishing integrations to WordPress & Social channels). Please refer to the feature comparison table above to see the differences between each package.

With that said, we at Welcome pride ourselves on our ability to offer a wide range of Connectors that integrate with leading Content Management Systems, Productivity tools, Digital Asset Managers, and Sales Asset Management platforms, among others, and these can be purchased at additional cost.

For a complete list of all our integrations, visit our Integration Catalog or contact us to speak with one of our integration experts!

Everything in Welcome is carefully designed to deliver a seamless and intuitive experience. In that pursuit, we often see Welcome Plan, Create and Manage customers able to jump in, get started, and start realizing value immediately.

For Welcome Orchestrate, where a large number of users are being on-boarded and/or additional integrations are being configured, additional services may be beneficial. In addition to a named Customer Success Manager, we offer supplemental training, enablement and technical services.

Contact us to learn more.

If you’d like to get started immediately, click here. If you’d like more information, please contact us and we’ll have one of our friendly and knowledgeable Welcome team members reach out soon!

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