An open letter to all marketers

Introducing Welcome

by Shafqat Islam

CEO & Co-Founder, Welcome

Today is a big day for us. We have some exciting announcements to share with the world, but it’s also a bittersweet moment…

Some people may be shocked to hear that this is the third “decade” that I’ve been at NewsCred. We started this adventure in 2008, scaled the business through the 2010s, and exited the content services part of the business in early 2020. It’s been the journey of a lifetime, and we’re ready to take the next step towards our destination.

So without further ado, we’re thrilled to make two announcements:

  1. We are launching Welcome — Welcome is our new marketing orchestration software, helping marketing teams work better, together.
  2. We are rebranding our company — We will transition from NewsCred to Welcome, with the full rebrand to be complete in early Q1 2021.

Let’s talk about each of these milestones.


Introducing Welcome, our new marketing orchestration platform…

Our new software is a culmination of years of incredible work by our product, engineering and design teams. It’s the result of listening to thousands of users and customers all over the world. We heard over and over that most marketers spend 75% of their time on “work about work.” All the soul crushing stuff — updating spreadsheets, making slide decks, sitting in status meetings, drowning in emails… We know there is a better way of working, and our mission is to solve this problem and unleash the potential of marketing. 

Welcome will deliver a modularized orchestration platform purpose-built for marketing. The goal is to help teams strategically align their resources, accelerate campaign and content execution, and demonstrate measurable results. Moreover, we want to free marketers from the pain of “work about work” and help them spend their time on the things that matter — the things that got them into their profession in the first place (i.e. being creative and actually marketing)!

Our new platform takes the best capabilities of a number of different software capabilities and unifies them into a single platform. We’ve been the three-time leader on the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Content Marketing Platforms. We’re a Strong Performer and named the “one to watch” by Forrester in the Wave for Marketing Resource Management. And we are seeing more and more companies standardize on our integrated DAM. So, we took the most important capabilities of CMP, MRM and DAM and built out our new platform. Whether you call it a system of record, or an operating system for marketing, our belief (backed up by incredible user adoption) is that Welcome will be the ubiquitous work management solution for all marketers. 

One note about marketing orchestration: it’s our vision for where marketing is going long-term. When we use the word “orchestration”, we’re not talking about personalizing the customer journey (although that is an important goal of marketing). Our definition of orchestration is all about harmonizing marketing teams, the content they create, the channels they activate, the data they analyze and the technology that powers it all. We want to unify teams and work.


On rebranding the company… 


Welcome cobrand logo Gradient.png


When we started NewsCred in 2008, the name made sense. For a long time, we had both content services (rooted in strong journalism) and software. So we kept the name, built the content marketing category, and took a leadership position. It got harder and harder to move away from the name, even though our business had evolved. But over the last year or so, it became abundantly clear that the types of customers and use cases for our software was growing at a very fast clip. We doubled down on our software, invested tens of millions of dollars, spun out and sold the services business, and eventually became leaders in a number of additional categories outside of content marketing. As such, it became time to think about a new name and rebrand. 

Welcome. When I first heard this name, I fell in love with it. We had considered hundreds (maybe even thousands) of names. But Welcome felt just right. In many ways, it’s like naming a child — you can’t imagine your son or daughter having any other name. Of course, we did all sorts of research and market testing, but ultimately, it came down to intuition and instinct. We wanted a name that didn’t sound like the other 8,000 martech vendors out there. We wanted something warm, friendly, simple and inviting. And the team did an amazing job putting the rest of the brand together. We’ll share more details about the brand in a separate post, but I’m super proud we did it all in-house (huge shoutout to our designer, Joe and the entire marketing team).

For now, you’ll see us use the phrase “Welcome, a NewsCred brand.” During this transition phase, we’ll be working through the laundry list of things we need to get done to rebrand the company. We expect to finalize everything in Q1 2021, at which point the company and the product will be known as Welcome.

So, as we close this window to the past, we’re opening an exciting new door into the future. And we can’t wait to usher everyone through.

Thanks, everyone, for coming on this journey with us.


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