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What is Marketing Resource Management?: An Overview

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Marketing has changed a lot since the days of slapping an ad in the local newspaper and hoping for the best.
Some of you might even be wracking your brain at the idea of non-digital advertising.
Given how necessary effective marketing is for a successful business, it’s no wonder people have taken a bit more time to really understand how to attract customers over the years.
In comes marketing resource management.
These changes have led us to today’s marketing environment, a cornerstone of it being marketing resource management.
Let’s take a closer look at this term, what it means, and how it’s used to benefit businesses like yours.

What is Marketing Resource Management?

Marketing resource management (or MRM if you like your acronyms) is the term for what software a company uses to support its marketing division.
While initially coined by corporate research and advisory company Gartner to refer to software that can do basically anything marketing-related all-in-one, the modern usage of the term tends to refer more to different software varieties and groups a single entity will use to support its branding and marketing needs.

How Does MRM Software Help?

There’s a whole lot of things that marketing resource management software can help with. To keep it simple, here are some of the areas that are best aided with MRM:

  • Setting effective marketing budgets
  • Marketing workflows
  • Collaboration between team members
  • Superior brand consistency
  • Project planning and management
  • Content and social media management
  • Resource management
  • Improved usage of all marketing assets

In short, marketing resource management is one of the best ways to save time while producing better results all through automation. You could have marketing teams working overtime on all of these areas and more to ensure these kinds of results, or you could choose the much easier option of letting your MRM system take on a bulk of the grunt work.
Considering which of these options saves you a ton of time and money, it’s kind of a no-brainer.

What are the Lasting Benefits of Marketing Resource Management Systems?

Help in the moment is great, but what can you expect from marketing resource management over the long term?
For starters, you can expect a lot less confusion and a lot more consistency, especially if your teams are working remotely or in a larger company. MRM software gets everyone on the same page and collaborating more easily.
This stronger collaborative ability also means that you can expect easier onboarding for new team members. When everything is so simple to understand and there are plenty of people around to guide new hires, they can start making the most of their skills and contributing to the team much faster.
Your organization’s budgeting will likely improve, too. Taking a more active and controllable approach to marketing campaigns and the marketing processes that go into them means a more comprehensive understanding of how much things cost, enabling you to set better budgets going forward and avoid wasteful spending.
Overall, the biggest and best outcome of effectively using your marketing resource management software is a better ROI and more attention to your brand. By crafting better marketing plans, better managing your teams, and taking full advantage of your brand assets at every turn, you should expect many more eyes on you and a lot more patronage.

How to Find the Best MRM Software for Marketers

As you can probably assume, it’s pretty hard to find definitive one-size-fits-all MRM solutions. Of course, this comes with the necessary caveat that there are a few things you might want to see in the software you’re using, like:

  • Organization: Any MRM software worth its weight in code is going to have the ability to store and organize your files all in one place.
  • Ease of use: MRM software should be easy to use by anyone with the proper credentials, especially when it comes to that information you just organized. Otherwise, you’d just be keeping your precious gems locked in a safe that you forgot the combination for (so to speak).
  • Aids in communication: There are numerous chat programs out there in the world today, but the ideal is one that’s integrated fully into your marketing software. Having the ability to conduct real-time conversations among members of the marketing department in-app saves you a ton of time and keeps everything “on the record” for later reference.
  • Automated features: A good marketing resource management suite should have the ability to automate certain tasks to some degree. Automatically setting tasks for a team on a marketing calendar is one example that helps streamline marketing operations and makes for better optimization.
  • Integration with other assets: In the same way that MRM has come to mean more than a singular program, the things your software will need to integrate with can also be numerous. As an easy example, having programs that can link back to LinkedIn or other social media is super handy for staying on top of your content management tasks.
  • Feedback systems: Even when not micromanaging everything to a state of total, suffocating control, you’ll still need to check in on how different teams are functioning at any given moment. Having software that provides a means of both checking progress on tasks and providing feedback to teams or members on how they’re doing is a quick and easy way to ensure everything gets done right.
  • Resources for success: On top of generally good functionality, a marketing resource management solution you should always be on the lookout for is access to different time-saving and quality of life resources as a standard feature. This would include things like templates that you could adapt for different marketing activities or marketing initiatives and also the ability to create new resources and store them for later use by different teams.

An Overview of Welcome

While not the only game in town, Welcome still manages to stand head and shoulders over the MRM competition. Offering a welcome respite from trying to handle all the marketing jobs in a disorganized, individualist fashion, Welcome helps you juggle all your different responsibilities like the most talented clown at the circus (or a more flattering comparison if that’s not your taste).
For the short version, Welcome can help you by:

  • Providing all the features of a quality marketing resource management outlined previously
  • Improving cohesion between different teams through technology-backed solutions to data and communication roadblocks
  • Having a quicker adjustment period thanks to Welcome‘s proficient ability to integrate with existing systems and practices
  • Allowing for superior management and control potential while keeping teams informed of their progress for better end results.
  • Including a huge library of assets and features, including automated services, that users can take advantage of to improve their marketing content and strategic planning capabilities
  • Offering a completely free suite of features that anyone can use with no credit card required

If you’re looking for a bit more depth in your explanation, here’s what you need to know.
As a marketing platform, Welcome is focused on streamlining the marketing process and improving your outcomes. To help you get what this means, consider that the traits we attributed to a good MRM software before are all things Welcome is capable of.
Welcome takes full advantage of our cutting-edge technology and software infrastructure to provide the best experience to users. Our secure API makes up the backbone of our work, standardizing data exchange and ensuring there’s no wasted time or effort when collaborating with others or working with marketing assets.
Welcome prides itself on being the best there is at integrating itself into existing systems and CMS. Team members will not have to relearn the basics from scratch as Welcome‘s infrastructure is set up to easily work with existing programs and reduce the amount of friction between different groups in the process.
It’s extremely easy to manage things through Welcome whether it be teams in the company or accounts on social media. Having the ability to control all aspects of creative projects, facilitate work between different groups, share marketing materials, and everything in between greatly improves efficiency and the overall quality of what you end up with, all backed up by Welcome‘s massive library of assets, templates, and automation programs.
Best of all, Welcome is 100% free to use for anyone who signs up for an account. While we’ve got paid plans for those who need the most comprehensive assets, our basic package will always remain entirely free to allow new or smaller companies a chance to dig in and show the world what they can do.

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By now, you’ve hopefully gotten a sense as to what good MRM solutions can do for your business. From project management to marketing automation to digital asset management and beyond, marketing resource management is integral to any brand that wants to be bigger than the small town it started in.
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