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What Is Marketing Project Management Software?

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Just because your office tag or role plaque doesn’t say “project manager” doesn’t mean you’re not one.
Software engineers are project managers.
So are wedding planners.
And if you’re in charge of in-house marketing campaigns, so are you.
Even in the midst of a flurry of ever-changing deliverables and deadlines, most creative teams and marketing agencies still tend to downgrade the sheer importance of marketing project management software. 
You tell yourself that you’re the best digital marketer your firm has ever seen. That there’s no way a project could turn into a fire drill under your watch. But you’d be damned to carry on with this line of thought.
Take this to the bank: project management software is by far the most important asset you can have in your digital marketing stack.
Don’t believe us? Check out these stats:

Need we say more?
Keeping reading to learn:

  • What is marketing project management software
  • 4 indisputable reasons why your marketing team needs marketing project management software
  • Whether or not marketing project management software is worth the punch
  • How Welcome’s marketing project management solution stands out from the rest

What Is Marketing Project Management Software?

Marketing project management software is a purpose-built platform that helps marketing departments to plan and execute projects. It comes pre-built with all the integrations and tools you need to streamline workflows, plan campaigns, collaborate, and manage all of your creative digital assets.
The best part? It comes chock-full of the following project management features:

  • Resource allocation
  • Proofing
  • Campaign performance management
  • Workflow optimization
  • SLA reporting
  • File sharing
  • Project tracking
  • Budgeting
  • Time tracking
  • Workload management
  • And more!

A truly cutting-edge project management tool will pull all of these capabilities under one roof. Make that happen, and the results will speak for themselves.

4 Indisputable Reasons Why Your Marketing Team Needs Marketing Management Software

1. Because Every Marketing Campaign Is a Project

Similar to any other project, a marketing campaign has a timeline, budget, data and target markets, a set of team members and their pre-defined roles, and a penultimate goal.
And let’s face it, keeping all the crucial campaign info in separate places (Google Drive, Google calendar, a few word docs, spreadsheets, etc.) is not exactly a walk in the park. 
Your team members often have to dig deep to keep the whole campaign from crumbling. Not to mention the frustration they have to endure whenever they lack a bird’s eye view of the entire marketing campaign.
That’s where a robust project management tool comes in. It’s not just good at showing you the full picture; it also helps you drill down on the tiny yet cumbersome marketing details. 
One thing is for sure: You won’t get that kind of top-down, meticulous organization with a set of typical office or task management tools.
A good project management software gives you a clear, well-defined roadmap to marketing success. All you have to do is key in a set of standard inputs, and the software takes it from there—mapping out your marketing journey from strategy to results.
In Welcome’s marketing project management software, one of the ways this map comes into life is through an all-powerful Campaign Dashboard. Activity rollups will help your marketing team stay on track. You can then leverage personalized homepages with user-specific insights to help keep your team members on toes as the project takes shape. 

2. Because Collaboration Is the Name of the Game

There’s no about it: without effective teamwork, any marketing project is bound to hit a dead end.
And that’s something you dread happening.
Hence, a good marketing project management has in-built tools for communication and messaging or works with apps like Slack to enhance team collaboration.
The ability to manage groups of people at a go, instant messaging, and “shared campaign workspaces” are all great ways to get your team members coordinating—between themselves and with other departments or marketing agencies.
In terms of a collaboration tool, Welcome’s marketing project management software brings its A-game to the fore. 
Thanks to its single-source-of-truth capability, it empowers marketing departments to drive collaboration across the entire project life cycle. 
Complete with to-do lists, strategic briefs, supporting assets, and templates, Welcome ensures that none of your team members are left lagging behind. Ultimately, you get a team that’s empowered to meet deadlines and stay aligned on marketing priorities.

3. Because Without Tangible Results, Your marketing Campaign Is Dead in the Water

There’s an unwritten rule in marketing: Teams are not worth their salt if they have nothing to show for their efforts. 
Your results will almost always have an enormous impact on what your future marketing efforts look like. 
Accordingly, previous results define what kind of marketing you can justify investing more in, how big or how small your budget is likely to be for the upcoming year, what kind of campaigns your target market best responds to, and what kind of efforts you and your team can rein in.
Results are that important.
But you can’t manage them if you’re not tracking them, right? And not the kindergarten level of tracking, but the kind that’s uniform, actionable, and straightforward?
The right marketing project management solution will streamline the procedure involved in tracking marketing analytics and results. 
As a matter of fact, Welcome, through its SLA Reporting feature, allows you to track progress to understand how your team members are performing and how close (or how far) they are from achieving tangible marketing results. And if there are any bottlenecks standing in their way to achieving optimum productivity, Product Analytics will help you nail them before they bring mayhem.

4. Because a Single Marketing Campaign Has Plenty of Moving Parts and Roles

Picture the making of a typical marketing campaign. 
Some team members are rushing to produce marketing and promotional materials. Others are working their socks off to create and optimize content such that it fits your existing marketing goals. Meanwhile, a few other people are working round-the-clock to manage and monitor the organization’s social media accounts. 
Bear in mind that all these roles and moving parts—no matter where they are or what they do—need to work together to set the campaign ball rolling.
Luckily for you, marketing project management tools were made for this exact purpose!
The right project management tool acts as a “military camp” so everyone can check in at any point in the project and know precisely how far they are with the deliverables, where the entire department stands, and what remains to be done.
Welcome’s marketing project management software is head and shoulders above any other project management tool in this regard (we might be a little biased here, just a little).
Whether it’s an ad hoc task or a complex global campaign, Welcome ensures that you remain organized during the moment of truth—the litmus test of whether or not your moving parts have come together in perfect sync.
In Welcome, you can create individual campaigns and task drilldowns with a single click. Best of all, you can also set up smaller marketing projects within shared campaign workspaces, know whether each project is allocated the right resource, and accelerate the approvals process in preparation for the launch day. 
So, if a marketing-specific project management tool can help you simply stay sane on those nail-baiting, nerve-wracking launch days, isn’t it worth it? 
Sounds worth every penny to us!
But if you’re still in doubt, perhaps this next segment will change your mind.

Is Marketing Project Management Software Worth The Punch?

Take a quick detour to Google.
Look up the pricing figures for marketing project management software. 
What do you see?
If you’re like some marketers, you’ve probably looked away in chagrin (no way you’re going to spend that much on a marketing management solution!)
But think about it.
How much do you spend on analytics subscriptions, time-tracking tools, collaboration software every month?
Our guess is that the tallied-up numbers exceed what you’ll ever spend on an all-in-one marketing-specific project management solution.
Still not convinced?
Think about the value of your time. The hours that your designers, writers, and project managers waste away trying to pinch pennies.
Add the figures up, and you’ll arrive at only one conclusion: the value of your team members’ time exceeds what you’ll spend on one-off or single-purpose marketing solutions.
Just think about it.

Step Up Your Marketing Game: Invest in a Project Management Tool That Does it All.

Even if you’ve already automated one aspect of your marketing project management operations, the chances are that there’s something that could run more smoothly.
Trello, Wrike, Brightpod, Workamajig, Basecamp, Monday.com, Clarizen, and Asana are all worthwhile options when it comes to the effective management of your marketing projects. 
But they’re nowhere near Welcome’s all-in-one marketing project management software
Yup, that’s right.
And we’ll illustrate this fact using these four use-cases:

  • Stop burying your head in spreadsheets: Automate your project workflows with the help of Welcome’s customizable shared workspaces, Gantt charts, and calendars.
  • Bring every stakeholder in on the loop: Say goodbye to strained communication between creators (whether that’s external marketing agencies or in-house writers), promoters, and decision-makers, and hello to streamlined, real-time collaboration.
  • Avoid the all-too-familiar black hole of failed projects: Stay on top of every marketing project in your pipeline via Welcome’s task management functionality, resource management capability, and project management tools.
  • Launch projects like a pro: Reveal your marketing campaign to the world with unmatched precision. Welcome makes it easy to keep messaging consistent, maintain brand image, and analyze results—all in real-time.

So tell us, which other marketing project management software do you think can pull this much weight? 
Welcome’s DNA is made up of nothing else but marketing project management. Ask Gartner (which btw, gave Welcome’s Marketing Orchestration Platform a solid 4.6 rating).
Ready to give it a try? Get started with a free Welcome account today!

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