Watch “The Undo Series” Part 1 before the finale!

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With the finale to The Undo Series from WelcomeRe-Org? Un-Org! 3 Ways to Lose (Process) Weight & Sprint like a Startup — approaching on March 24th…

Watch the video below & catch up on the short, fun yet insightful session that kicked off the series off: How to Do Undo Your Marketing (and Get Stay Ready for Change).

What’s The Undo Series, you ask?

Well, plenty of thought leaders will tell you what to do this year. What new steps, silos, processes, tools to add to the way you work.

This quarter, we at Welcome focused on what to undo.

You have more to gain by stripping away extras – stripping away any and all barriers keeping your team from staying coordinated, staying motivated, collaborating, and shipping campaigns out the door!

In this webinar, we dove into…

  • Hot-off-the-press research from Welcome x Sirkin Research on what marketers like you care about this year…and how this has already shifted from the worst. year. ever (aka 2020)
  • How to undo anything preventing you from meeting these priorities, today
  • How to undo anything that might prevent you from adapting to any major changes in 2021 

Watch the 30-minute session below!

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