Watch CEO Shafqat Islam break down The Marketing ‘Life Hacks’

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The latest Welcome x Sirkin Research survey found that over 61% of marketers say their stress levels and work/life balance have gotten worse in 2021.

So watch “The Marketing ‘Life Hacks’: How to Help Your Team Do More with Less” to see Welcome CEO Shafqat Islam break down smart workflow hacks, designed to make your marketing processes – and by extension, life – infinitely easier for you and your team.

These hacks will help you tackle common challenges marketers face, including:

✅ Endless “work about work”

✅ Sudden & unpredictable budget cuts

✅ Just dealing with the daily grind

✅ When you need new, fresh ideas – fast

✅ When you need to create a new game plan on the fly

✅ When your team needs to execute faster…but there’s no time to completely redo the way you work


Check out “The Marketing ‘Life Hacks'” below! 👇

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