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ThinkContent New York 2018: Full Videos + Presentations

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Transforming Marketing: The Future of Content, Teams, and Technology

Shafqat Islam, CEO and Co-founder, NewsCred
Content performance has never been more important to the success or failure of enterprise marketing organizations. But, consistently delivering content that matters to the business means changing the way marketing teams work. Shafqat Islam, CEO and Co-founder of NewsCred, shares his vision for the future of marketing teams, the role of technology in that transformation, and what it means for content marketers.


Winning Consumers with Content: The Inside Story from Citi

Jenn Eldin, SVP, Head of Global Content, Citi
How do you make your brand part of your customers’ daily lives? At ThinkContent New York 2018, Jenn Eldin, SVP, Head of Global Content, Citi, gave a sneak peek of the new “Life and Money” hub – a major new content initiative that Citi is launching to deepen engagement with its audience. Hear about Eldin’s journey in navigating the internal sell, the evolution of content at Citi, and where it’s going in the coming years.


The Marketing Funnel Is Dead: Rethinking Content and the Customer Experience

Dusty DiMercurio. Director, Content Marketing and Social Media, Autodesk
It’s time to retire the funnel, says Dusty DiMercurio, Director, Content Marketing and Social Media, Autodesk. The old model that starts with awareness and ends with conversion doesn’t accurately reflect the customer journey of today. Here, DiMercurio shares his new framework for a unified customer experience strategy that uses content to provide value at every step of the way.


Selling the C-suite on the Power of Content

Karen Eisenbach, CMO, Retirement, Voya
Doug Straton, Chief Digital Commerce Officer, The Hershey Company
Moderator: Lisa Kalscheur, SVP, Marketing, NewsCred
What does it take to get the C-suite on board with investing in a robust content program? Who do you have to align? What is the balance between vision and data in the selling-in process? In this session, hear from the C-suite and learn what’s required to make the business case to win their support.


The Small and Mighty Moment: Why Emerging Brands Are Disrupting Major Industries

Rafat Ali, CEO and Founder, Skift
Don’t focus on scale but influence, says Rafat Ali, CEO and Founder, Skift. Learn how to do exactly that, following the lead of small brands that are winning by building strong communities that become huge parts of people’s lives.


Conductor Research Minute

Charity Stebbins, Content Director, Conductor
Charity Stebbins, Content Director, Conductor, demonstrates the power of keyword research in uncovering how marketing impacts purchase decisions, brand affinity, and trust.


The Future of Storytelling

Dominique Delport, President International and Chief Revenue Officer, Vice
The word “storytelling” takes on a whole new meaning with the counterculture media brand, Vice. Hear from Dominique Delport, a veteran agency leader and newly appointed President International and Chief Revenue Officer at Vice, as he shares his thoughts on the powerful combination of strong narratives and innovative technology.


Rock Stars of ROI

Ray Pryor, Full-Stack Content Marketer, Grainger,
Liam Moroney, VP of Analytics and Insights, NewsCred
Let’s talk results. Grainger needed to grow an audience while solidifying its position as a thought leader. It made a big bet on content but had to measure program performance with real-time, content-centric insights. Ray Pryor, Full-Stack Content Marketer, Grainger, and Liam Moroney, Director of Analytics, NewsCred, reveal their strategies for proving the impact of Grainger’s investment.


AI and the Changing Human Experience

Dennis Mortensen, CEO and Co-founder, x.ai
Dennis Mortensen, serial entrepreneur and CEO and Co-founder of x.ai, deeply understands consumers, content, and the role AI plays in forging the instant and enduring connections between the two. Here, he offers insight into how AI is changing storytelling – and how it may ultimately improve lives.


How to Bring Narratives to Life: Insights on Storytelling and Strategy

Jennifer Vande Zande, Managing Editor, SAP Hybris
Brooke Sinclair, Head of Media, Away
Cara Friedman, Senior Director of Content and Community, ClassPass
Mousa Ackall, VP, Marketing, WorkMarket, an ADP Company
Moderator: Lieu Pham, Strategy Director, NewsCred
How do you build a marketing strategy that’s grounded in storytelling? How do you identify the right mix of online and offline channels? What are the success metrics that can accurately reflect content performance? This panel of all-star content marketers answers those questions and more.


A Conversation with Ken Auletta

Ken Auletta, Author, Journalist, and Media Critic for The New Yorker
Moderator: Peter Kafka, Senior Editor, Re/code
Ken Auletta’s new book, “Frenemies,” details his personal reckoning with the advertising business. Technology is changing the ad world, giving companies sophisticated capabilities to target audiences, while also exposing them to the scrutiny that comes with using the consumer data it craves. In a nutshell, it’s a story of an industry under siege and whose future is undetermined. The question is, can it become better frenemies with the public to survive?


The Purposeful Brand

Stacy Minero, Head of Brand Strategy, Fuel, Twitter
There is power in purpose. How can you convey your brand values and win a more meaningful place in the hearts and minds of your customers? Hear from Stacy Minero, Head of Brand Strategy, Fuel, Twitter, on how brands do so through honest, authentic, and deeply moving content.

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