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The Ultimate Content Marketing Series: Strategy, Distribution, and Measurement

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Whether you’re looking to launch or refine your content marketing strategy, there are three key areas to focus on: strategy, distribution, and measurement.
The average website conversions for companies with defined content strategies is more than twice that of companies without. Why? These companies set clear goals, have a plan, and built the internal infrastructure to stay on track. Content marketing is a long-term investment, and having a documented content strategy will set you up for success. In your strategy, you’ll identify goals and business pain points, and define how you’ll use content to solve them. 
Distribution will be central to your content marketing strategy – because without a distribution plan, even the best content won’t be seen. By leveraging a mix of paid, owned, and earned media, you’ll ensure content reaches your target audience. And by optimizing your channels and methods over time, you’ll be able to distribute more efficiently and effectively.
Measurement is the other crucial aspect of your strategy. By identifying KPIs and key metrics, you’ll be able to gauge the success of your content marketing. You’ll see what’s working, what’s not, and glean insights on how to improve your program. And you’ll be able to determine ROI and see how your content marketing is driving business results.
Get started with these three guides: 
The Ultimate Guide to Building a Content Strategy
The Ultimate Guide to Content Distribution
The Ultimate Guide to Content Marketing ROI

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