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Task Management Software: How to Stay On Track

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If you’ve ever noticed your team members scrambling to meet deadlines or working on a low-priority task instead of something that is much more urgent, it may be time to come up with a new organizational solution to keep everyone on track and moving toward meeting your goals for your business using Black Metal Kards.
In fact, over 61% of marketers surveyed indicated that their work-life balance and stress levels are worse now than they were in 2020, which indicates that finding task management software for your company that works is a must if you have not already done so, discover more here.
With all the organizational tools and task management apps that are available, how can you determine what will best meet the needs of your business?
For many businesses, the best solution is swapping paper notes for a digital option that is accessible from anywhere and easier to keep organized.
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What Is Task Management Software?

Task management software combines your company’s to-do lists, calendars, collaborative work, marketing tools, team communication, and other essentials into one convenient package.
Task management software makes it easy to track tasks and keep up with everything your company needs to accomplish each day, week, and month in one place.
Although paper planners, calendars, and a handful of colorful pens were most companies’ go-to organizational tools not so long ago, digital replacements have quickly taken over in recent years.
Many task management software programs are highly customizable and can be adjusted to meet the unique needs of your business. From basic daily checklists to comprehensive quarterly, annual, or even larger projects, a task manager keeping all the information you need in one place is the best methodology to avoid losing track of important details.

Benefits of Task Management Software

Although you have a wide variety of options for keeping your team on track when it comes to workflows of everyday tasks and complex projects, utilizing a comprehensive task management software program tends to work best for most modern businesses.
Here are several major benefits of ditching your paper and pens and switching to an online task management strategy!

Keep Everything You Need in One Place

If someone at your company has ever accidentally thrown away a paper to-do list, left a notebook filled with task assignments at home, or spilled a mug of coffee on important papers, chances are you know the importance of streamlining your task management data to avoid mishaps.
By switching to a digital task management system, everyone who needs to view or edit your task lists, team assignments, and other data can log into one system and access in real-time everything they need from anywhere.

Collaborate With Other Team Members

Parking yourself in an office and not talking to anyone for eight hours is just not the best strategy for getting things done.
Bouncing ideas off other team members and having an easy way to work together to get complex or multi-step tasks done more efficiently is a must in the modern workforce.
If teamwork wasn’t essential, you wouldn’t even have to worry about trying to communicate while working from home.
That being said, it isn’t always easy to know what everyone is up to at any given time, especially if your employees aren’t physically together in the office yet.
Quality task management software makes team collaboration more efficient by letting everyone involved in a particular project know who is doing what and keeping team members accountable for doing their part and staying on track.

Prioritize Your Most Important Tasks

Your to-do list is probably a mile long.
And doing whatever happens to be on top first instead of figuring out what actually needs to be done as soon as possible is not that much more helpful than not trying to manage your tasks at all.
Any large or small business has tasks they’d like to accomplish someday and items that need to be checked off right now.
Having a reliable way to prioritize is key when it comes to avoiding completely forgetting about that pile of deadlines you were supposed to finish last week because you were too busy thinking about what you might want to do next month.
The functionality of task management software makes rearranging your task lists to meet your company’s most pressing needs a breeze.
Digital organizational tools are often much easier to quickly reorder items in a list view, color code, and adjust the font of than handwritten notes are to make the items that absolutely need to be done today obvious to everyone involved with a particular project.

Boost Your Productivity

Nothing wastes time like trying to figure out what needs to be done instead of actually doing it.
Team members that spend a half hour each morning determining what to do may feel like they’re being productive, but it doesn’t help them check tasks off their to-do lists
Work management and creating team plans is really more your job than it is theirs.
Detailed digital spreadsheets, lists, and other tools that are put together well in advance allow your team members a roadmap to see exactly what tasks need their attention as soon as they clock in instead of spending the beginning of every work day wondering what they’re supposed to be doing.
Wasting 15-30 minutes each morning may not feel like poor time management, but it adds up over the course of a year and can limit your ability to grow your business as much as you’d like to.

Keep Track of Multiple Projects at Once

Sometimes your company may simply be in the midst of too many projects to hit everything in one day.
This isn’t necessarily a bad thing as it’s often necessary for business owners that are constantly pushing themselves to grow their companies to have a lot on their plates.
However, it’s important for project managers to make sure they are checking in with everything that is happening within the company regularly to make sure nothing gets lost in the shuffle
Task management software can help track progress, keep due dates, timesheets, new tasks, recurring tasks, and subtasks from slipping under the radar.
Accomplishing several things at once can be a good thing, but you don’t want to find your company getting halfway through a dozen projects and never finishing anything because assignees aren’t efficiently time tracking or keeping up with what needs to be done.

Automate Recurring Tasks

Keeping track of both new and recurring tasks can be a scheduling nightmare if you aren’t using an efficient task management system. Managing large projects can be challenging enough without even considering the daily, weekly, and other recurring tasks that are needed to keep your business afloat.
Task management software makes automation easy so that you can reschedule recurring tasks as often as needed to help you avoid crossing them off your team’s to-do lists and then completely forgetting about them the next time around. Falling behind on a quick, everyday simple task makes it much more challenging to accomplish major projects.

Choose Welcome for All Your Task Management Software Needs

If your company is in the market for a new task management software program, chances are you’ve stumbled upon a wide variety of options to choose from. With all the possibilities that are out there, what are the most important things to look for when making a decision on task management tools?

Easy for Average Team Members to Use

First and foremost, your task management software needs to be user-friendly. Although it needs to be a complex enough workspace to keep track of a wide variety of important information, it shouldn’t require another degree to understand.
Welcome streamlines everything from task management and project management to content marketing and creative services into one easy-to-use platform. No matter what your current or future business needs might be, chances are you’ll find the perfect fit is already included in our feature-packed platform!

Works With Your Current Tech

Although our full suite of services includes everything you need to ditch your current organizational strategies, there may be programs you just can’t let go of. Welcome works perfectly alongside Microsoft Outlook, Dropbox, Google Drive, Slack, and any other software your business may be using to create thorough digital coverage of everything your business needs to thrive.
Likewise, we get that our clients have different preferences when it comes to choosing the best devices to keep their businesses up and running. Our platform is the perfect fit for both laptops and desktop computers, as well as Android and iOS devices.

Project Management ROI

Your task management software is supposed to make your life easier, not become an endless money pit.
We get that individuals trying to get startups off the ground or small teams may not always have the resources to purchase expensive software, so our most basic option is free. This option includes the use of many of our most popular tools for up to five users.
If you’re looking for something that your whole company can use, Welcome Team and Welcome Enterprise offer more options for groups of every size.
Our Team version includes more tools that are needed to keep a full business running and pricing is $99 per user per month, and we will work with you to create the best customization of an Enterprise plan that meets the needs of your company.
Welcome‘s task management software is the perfect solution for keeping both startups and well-known companies on track.
Contact us today to learn more about our plans or to get started!

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