Product Marketing Software: What It Is and Why You Need It

reading time: 6 mins
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Organized product marketing is essential to keep track of business.

It’s a requirement if you want to get your product and brand out there.

But it’s never that easy.

Your competitors are determined to drive you out of the market, so you need some reliable survival tactics.

You and your marketing team need all the right marketing tools you can lay your hands on. Here’s where product marketing software comes in.

The Need for the Right Tools

When your brand produces a new product, you need extensive marketing, SEO for your blog, and tons of other important details. Proper product marketing needs effective marketing campaign management for a streamlined workflow.

Product managers have the tough task of making existing customers happy and encouraging potential leads.

We get it. You’ve been working your tail off day and night pushing for product recognition.

But product marketing without the right tools can be a huge pain. Marketing software is the most effective way to market a product or a brand worldwide for any business, big, small, or startup.

Automated marketing can make things easier, but it is no genie in a lamp. It helps product marketers in many marketing tasks and can incubate, support, and streamline marketing.

With the correct software, you can meet and even go beyond your company’s copy and sales objectives in a short time.

What Is Product Marketing Software?

Before we tell you what product marketing software is, you should know what product marketing is. The steps your company takes to convince people to buy your products constitute product marketing.

Product marketing software is a computer tool that automates the process of product marketing. When this software is in place, you never have to worry about costly redundancies that eat into your profits.

This software can make your product marketing a breeze and give your product marketing team some much needed help.

From product management tools, time management tools, product research tools, landing page creation tools, lead generation tools, prototyping, and design tools, it’s a one stop solution for your marketing needs.

Why Do You Need Product Marketing Software?

Perhaps, it would be good to know that 66% of companies that use product management software often complete their projects without going overboard in budgeting.

So here’s why product marketing software is a need. It helps you:

  • Make online and offline connections
  • Use automation tools to make your business outstanding
  • Know and understand your market
  • Educate your market
  • Get valuable information
  • Avail all the important measurements
  • Collect quick and easy feedback

Make Online and Offline Connections

Marketing is about connecting with people, whether online or in a physical location. Product marketing tools help you reach your target audience and connect with them.

Landing page creation tools make your product relatable and appealing to your audience, while lead generation tools help to draw potential customers to your business.

SEO tools make your business blog easily accessible and visible to your potential clients while raising awareness about your products.

Use Automation Tools to Make Your Business Outstanding

Compared to traditional product marketing, software-managed marketing makes your product stand out from the crowd.

Marketing tools help you know what your competitors are doing, which keywords best relate to your product, and what your target market is looking for.

They help you get the right words to phrase your marketing slogans and keep you informed on keyword conversion rates.

Know and Understand Your Market

Automated product marketing helps you get information that will assist in understanding your market better. Product marketing analytics tools give you an instant understanding of what your audience likes and dislikes pertaining to your products.

Educate Your Market

Want to create awareness and visibility for your business? Use product marketing tools to splash information on your products out there.

After all, it’s what your competitors are doing.

The right information is crucial to your product launch and future sales. It increases product credibility and helps you reach a wide audience, especially through your company blog.

Teaching the masses about your product will increase your expert status, connect with your audience, and potentially earn you some cash through ads on your blog.

Get Valuable Information

Internet users are on the lookout for quick, easy to find information to help meet their needs. Getting to know your audience and how they look for products helps you come up with the most efficient marketing strategies.

People do not like to be misled. Product marketing tools help you display accurate information that is appealing, inviting, and without too much exaggeration.

Avail All the Important Measurements

Marketing is all about measurement. There is literally no better place to do this than the internet because metrics are easily found and straightforward.

Product marketing software helps you know how many people have visited your business site in real-time, where they clicked, how they shopped, what they searched for most, and many more details.

Marketing management is an edge that product marketing tools give you over traditional marketing.

Collect Quick and Easy Feedback

Product marketing software helps you automatically collect and analyze customer feedback. This can be done through rating systems, polls, surveys, and shared comments.

Feedback helps you know what your business is doing well, what you need to improve on with your go-to-market strategies, and what your leads generally think about your business. It also helps you reach out to unsatisfied customers and get more details on what you can do better on your product strategy.

How to Choose Product Marketing Software

The following criteria will help you choose the right marketing tools for your business. Look for and at:

  • Ease of use
  • Customizability
  • Scalability
  • MAP strength and pricing
  • Business needs
  • CRM integration
  • API access
  • Customer support
  • User feedback

Ease of Use

You need to know whether the product marketing software is simple for a beginner to navigate or it needs prior training. Check how user friendly the platform is and how much (if any) training is needed


Check whether you can customize the software interface and personalize it for your business.

Does it have templates available? If yes, then you can use it to suit your specific business needs.


A suitable product marketing software should be able to expand to cater to a growing business and increasing user communication. It is ideal to have future projections for your business and your product marketing tool of choice should be able to grow with your company.

MAP Strength and Pricing

Does the shortlisted platform have a wide range of tools and features supporting automation in email marketing, social media, digital ads, SMS, content development, blogging, e-
commerce, webinars, and affiliates/referrals for influencers?

The list also includes features of independent landing pages, lead capture forms, drag and drop for coding/programming, SEO, and demography based marketing segmentation.

The platform should help you track user interaction on websites, track leads, report analytics, and provide the option of A/B testing so that you can simultaneously test two options, comparing and finding out the best one.

The pricing of MAP should be within your budget.

Product marketing software comes at a cost. This includes set up fees, on-site team training charges, and usage fees.

Some marketing automation service providers charge more when the number of leads achieved is higher. Your budget should be able to cover all these costs.

Business Needs

Company needs vary from one business to another. Usually, big businesses need almost all kinds of automation support for their robust business operations. But small scale or startup businesses might have fewer needs when it comes to automation.

You can choose from the three different categories of marketing automation platforms, such as: Channel-Specific, Middle/Bottom Funnel, and Full Funnel.

The first supports automation in specific areas like creating and sending marketing emails.

The second category of the platform is good for capturing leads and sending marketing messages.

The third type includes content creation, search engine optimization measures, and other kinds of customer engagement with the aim to drive interest and generate demand.

All these help to create a path for new sales.

CRM Integration

MAP works the best if integrated with CRM. The marketing and sales team in your company needs to work in unison to close a prospective business deal.

You should choose a platform that works well with the existing CRM system to ensure sales are nurtured by the right marketing strategies, clever tracking, and reporting.

Before choosing you must keep an eye on whether the automation platforms go beyond CRM integration and provide additional automation opportunities like aligning MAP with social media management platforms.

API Access

Choose a platform that offers an Application Programming Interface. This will be useful for future company developments, especially when you decide to develop an app. It will help you link your business with the app or any other external app.

Customer Support

The product marketing software of your choice should be able to allow you to provide optimum support to customers, answer questions and troubleshoot problems.

It would be ideal to choose a platform that provides the highest number of hours for an email response, direct phone support, and chats support.

Rely on User Feedback

When in doubt about how to evaluate options available for product marketing software, you can consider customer feedback and review the online testimonials on the web pages of the MAP service providers.

You can find out what kind of automation technology is used by other businesses in the same market. This will give you a direction in choosing the best option in MAP.

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