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The Ultimate Guide to Performance Content Marketing

content marketing analytics
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The NewsCred Methodology is our proven playbook for content marketing success.
It consists of five components – strategy, traffic, engagement, action, and monetization – each with several steps. By building a content marketing program that accounts for and optimizes each step, you’ll be able to produce compelling content that engages your target audience and drives business results that you can measure.
And in today’s performance era of content marketing, proving ROI is a must.
Download our whitepaper about the NewsCred Methodology, and read the articles below for in-depth, how-to information on the key steps. Over time, your content marketing strategy will drive stronger results than ever before.


How to Create a Documented Content Marketing Strategy
Content Marketing Strategy Template [FREE DOWNLOAD]
Content Marketing KPIs, Defined
How to Create Personas and Map Content to the Buyer Journey
How Often Should I Publish Content? 3 Content Marketers on Their Cadences
The Ultimate Guide to Big Rock Content
The Ultimate Guide to Building the Business Case For Content Marketing


How to Build a Perfect Content Distribution Strategy
How to Use Social Media to Strengthen Your Content Marketing
How to Write Viral Headlines + Amplify Content
SEO Best Practices For Content Marketing


How a Quality Checklist Can Improve Your Content Marketing
How to Create Exceptional Content [CHECKLIST]
5 Crucial Steps to Boost Email Engagement + Drive Business Results
5 Easy Ways to Optimize Your Content Marketing Hub
How to Measure Top-of-Funnel Content: Key Metrics, Explained


How Interactive Content Can Boost Your Lead Quantity and Quality
Beyond Pageviews + Engagement: The Need for Content Marketing Action Analytics
Content Marketing and Marketing Automation: How Content Strategy Depends on and Benefits Demand Generation
Google Analytics: The Complete Guide to Setting up Your Content Hub to Measure Conversions


Measurement Framework: How to Document Content Marketing ROI
ROI Measurement Framework [FREE TEMPLATE]

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