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Marketing Tracking Template: A Tool to Keep You Organized

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Whether you’ve relied on content marketing for a while or are just starting, you may have realized you need a marketing tracking template to keep you organized.
But why would anyone involved in marketing not be concerned about organized workflow?
It would only be if they don’t know the benefits of organized processes and operations in marketing.

  • Organized marketing teams are more successful. That sounds like what every marketer is chasing. 
  • It reduces stress. When the team is less stressed, they will be in the right frame of mind to work and bring in the desired results.
  • You are more effective. When you have everything in its place, you can find files and information faster to execute tasks faster, even on short notice. That way, you can keep up with the fast-paced demands of your marketing strategy without the stress that comes with scavenging for scattered data and information.  

Advantages of a Marketing Tracking Template

You can never go wrong with good marketing workflow management software like Welcome. Good marketing software will help you streamline your operations, improve your lead nurturing process and improve your ROI. 
Let’s break down these advantages for you:

  • Streamlining marketing efforts
  • Efficiency
  • Better accountability
  • Faster documentation of progress
  • Better customer management

Streamlining Marketing Efforts

Like all marketers, you must be using different communication channels to connect with your target audience.
You need a system to help you coordinate various programs on a single, user-friendly platform. 
A platform like Welcome will let you streamline the flow of work, data, and content. You are also able to automate your approvals, proofing, and workflows.


With marketing workflow management software, you will eliminate repetitive duties like sending emails, scheduling social media marketing posts, and compiling clients’ information that takes up a big chunk of your time and less time for more productive tasks. With a marketing template, you will automate most of your operations, and you can then delegate and monitor their execution better.

Better Accountability 

Your marketing workflow management software will help you monitor and analyze marketing campaigns, leads, and conversions more accurately. This is because you can eliminate human error to get flawless and readily available stats to inform your long-term and short-term marketing plan. 

Faster Documentation of Progress

When running multiple campaigns, you may need to send large volumes of content and handle hundreds of customers. Think about all the resources, content, leads, campaign statistic you need to monitor and document. 
You can hardly keep up with a percentage if you are doing it manually. However, with marketing management software, you will track and document the progress of multiple campaigns with a few clicks of the button.   

Better Customer Management

You invest heavily to attract and retain your clients. As a marketer, you know the significance of customer engagement in developing a relationship with your customers as it helps your business thrive. 
But is your platform allowing you to listen to and address all your clients’ concerns? You know how they can be many and how scattered they can be if you use different channels to connect to your clients.  
Get marketing management software that helps you schedule your marketing campaigns be they digital marketing or social media marketing, build a stronger online presence, nurture your leads, and reply to leads’ concerns promptly.
You may argue that you are still able to organize your workflow with multiple integrated tools. Think about the work you have to put in to keep each of them updated and the constant integration you have to keep doing.  
Here we are talking about your tools for budget and resource management, time tracking, collaboration, task management, and project tracking. Your list could be longer depending on the complexity of your marketing campaign.
Why not switch to a single platform with the benefits of all other digital tools under one roof? Maybe you are wondering what this platform we are referring to is, so let’s bring you up to speed with a brief description of marketing management software.

What is Marketing Management Software?

Marketing management software is a platform for planning, executing, monitoring, and analyzing marketing campaigns. It has in-built tools and integration any marketing team would need to manage workflow, organize their creative assets, and collaborate.
While it’s true that there are several platforms on the market, they are not all made the same way and for the same job. Some platforms are made with all the design tools you need to run your campaigns from the beginning to the end, including an effective CRM component. 
However, some may complicate your marketing processes with an overload of interfaces that you hardly know how to use or need. These are usually designed for a more general audience, and so they tend to be cluttered with tools that marketing teams may not need, but that may be helpful in other departments.

Why Get the Right Marketing Management Software?

The wrong marketing management software can make you end up with a disjointed campaign, compromising the results. Figure this out:

  • You are likely to have some ZIP files, scattered email messages, outdated images, and copy that you cannot ascertain that all team members have accessed. The results will be a disjointed launch.
  • Contributors will reproduce their previous works since you cannot get hold of past campaigns and assets. This is a waste of time and effort while you could have referred to the records and revamped them for a better campaign.
  • You lose your campaign vision amidst all the communication channels you use to share it. While some will be Google Docs or Google Sheets, some are likely to be on some floppy communication channels. By the time you consolidate them, the results may be unsatisfactory since you may not edit them all effectively.
  • Team members and contributors may lose control of their assets, making their enthusiasm wane. You may not easily quantify each contributor’s efforts, meaning you may reward those who do little and overlook your hardworking teammates.
  • Results stream in disjointedly as each team reports its success, with no one concentrating on compiling them to quantify the collective achievement.

That’s one hell of a headache, right?
That only happens until you discover the magic of the right marketing management software. With the right software, you can relegate such scenarios to your throwback files that you will refer to when you want to laugh aloud as you wonder how on Earth you survived that phase.
So, what is Welcome offering you? A solution to that entire headache, and more. The Welcome marketing orchestration platform has a centralized space where marketing teams can collaboratively plan, design, and execute a collective campaign strategy. 
It allows clear visibility of the whole process by the entire team, allowing them to monitor the marketing processes, identify shifts in priorities and directions, and fast-track processes that may lag to avoid missing deadlines.
And when you are ready to launch, the platform accommodates feedback from marketing teams and other stakeholders like decision-makers who can post their comments for the team to consider and incorporate. This is significant in enriching your campaign with a wide range of ideas.
Whichever channels you choose, you can share content across earned, owned, or PPC channels. You can then direct traffic to your brand website or any other target destination of your choice. 
You do not have to worry about the quality of the content since the site gives access to your editors, who can provide the content draft, objective, and persona. Also, before you hit the publish button, the editors will have a brush through it to ensure it aligns with your brand content quality needs.
If you are on a budget or are not ready for paid ad campaigns, your team can track the channels and content with the lowest traction. They can then engage in lead nurturing, SEO, social media, and other content marketing platforms to increase your chances of success. 
This platform has an inbuilt SEO tool to help you out with your SEO keyword research for your CPC, analyze your competitors’ keywords, all while keeping track of the performance of each keyword in real-time.
This is easier since you can collectively view each team member’s input and feedback on your Welcome platform, helping you to make collective decisions, assign tasks, and receive reports that all team members can access.
And when you need to measure and prove your ROI, no one does it better than Welcome. On our platform, you will evaluate all your metrics beginning with vanity metrics like page views, likes, comments, and shares. 
You will also evaluate more meaningful metrics like lead generations and conversions. You can also measure the contribution each marketing channel and piece of content is making in your marketing and sales funnels. 
That way, you can link each dollar to its source, whether your landing page, social media posts, blog content, webinars, or podcasts, all this with the help of your truly all-in-one Welcome marketing management software.
Your team has never been more empowered than how they will once you shift your marketing management to Welcome. Try our platform and let the marketing team do their thing to prove their value.
You can’t tell if it works unless you try it. What’s holding you back? Sign up now for a free trial of Welcome.

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