Marketing Planning Software: What Features Matter Most?

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You’re excited about that new marketing planning software tool.
You jump in to give it a try.
Then, boom! You encounter an incredibly steep learning curve. 
Of course, you’re frustrated.
If you find yourself wondering whether they ever sat down with a marketer before creating that software, odds are it won’t make the handiest tool for your marketing efforts. 
Professional creators of marketing planning software understand that they’re creating a tool specifically for marketing purposes. They not only know the ins and outs of a typical marketing team but also take time to develop a highly customized tool just for the industry.
Are you looking to maximize your efforts, organize the tasks, and motivate your marketing team? Then you’ll need a software tool that can provide the features that matter most in marketing.
The most-used features in project management of any sort include task management (76%), project tracking (71%), collaboration (63%), time tracking (60%), resource management (53%), and budget management (47%).
Let’s discuss exactly how the right marketing planning software, and the right software features, can empower your marketing team to create the most successful campaigns.

Features of an Excellent Marketing Planning Software

The builders of Welcome‘s marketing platform developed it with marketers in the room. That’s because, at Welcome, we are deep-rooted in the world of marketing to ensure every aspect of our platform will facilitate the best marketing planning for your project.
As such, we’ve pulled together the five most important features you should look for in software tools for any marketing project.

1. Shared Calendars – or No More Sticky Notes!

Gone are days when sticking cute notes all over your work desk could make you a “cubicle chick”. In fact, sticky notes and other outdated tools of marketing planning come with many disadvantages: think inconsistency, poor knowledge transfer, and insufficient follow-ups.
As they say, “crap happens” despite your best game plan. Rarely will the plan you outlined on the first day play out without some changes. Software that injects agility into your planning is crucial.
Excellent marketing planning software throws all that messy and unorganized clutter out of the window to pave the way for shared marketing calendars. 
Shared calendars are becoming a darling to many, and it’s easy to see why. With them, everyone on the team can get real-time updates and stay abreast of short-term and long-term plans. 
With this feature, every team member can visualize all of the marketing campaign plans and activities, wherever they are worldwide. 
Apart from providing a big-picture view of your marketing activities and goals, real-time shared marketing calendars allow you to view daily items in a more profound and customizable way. They also enhance thoughtful marketing campaigns by helping you visualize plans and activities from top to bottom without missing a beat. 
This feature is crucial in mapping out the workflow of each task from beginning to end, whether you’re dealing with social media, email marketing, online marketing, or digital marketing as a whole. Be sure the calendars have advanced filters that allow you to narrow down your view to tasks that matter to you most. 
With editorial calendars, your marketing campaign roadmap can take shape. That way, your marketing arsenal becomes organized and focused.

2. Centralized Campaign Workspaces

According to Forbes, collaboration at the workplace is more crucial now than ever before due to increased complexity in the industry. To unify your marketing campaigns, you’ll need to bring together the necessary moving pieces and players. Think of:

  • Managers

  • Creatives

  • Legal teams

  • Product marketers

  • Stakeholders

  • Content marketers

  • Finance

  • Analysts

  • And many more.

Every marketing team dreams of a collaboration tool that will centralize planning across markets and groups. No one wants to grope blindly in the darkness, guessing at the company’s high-level game plan.

It’s best to begin any project in an organized way. That’s where centralized campaign workspaces in marketing planning tools like Welcome come in. 

These workspaces give every member access to strategic briefs. Not only that, but your marketing soldiers can also share campaign templates so that no project can veer off-track. 

Does your team consist of many hands (think your SEO crew, strategists, content strategists, social media folks, designers, etc.)? This feature makes handling multi-channel campaigns a breeze. 

You don’t want anything to get lost along the way. Sharing and centralizing your processes will save you the headache of juggling between channels and tasks. 

Your marketing team can enjoy streamlined feedback cycles, continuous communication, unified templates, and automation using collaboration features found in the best marketing planning software

In like manner, if you’ve been relying on outdated tools like email, you’ve probably noticed that important information can go unread between piles of other emails. Don’t let this delay decision-making.

A centralized campaign workspace gives you the power to say goodbye to the outdated email back-and-forths and usher in a more consistent experience of campaign management. 

It’s time to leverage Welcome‘s shared campaign workspaces to align your workforce with your marketing plan. The results are a fully realized customer experience and consistent messaging across all channels.

3. Marketing Budget Management – Stick to the Plan!

Let’s face it, tracking your cents and dollars can be a wild, if tedious, adventure. Even if mathematics was your favorite subject at school, you don’t always have the luxury of time for all those budget planning and number-crunching tasks. 
Plannuh affirms that most companies struggle with marketing budgets due to primitive tools, formula complexity, poor visibility, and other issues. That’s where Welcome‘s marketing planning software can step in to save the day.
This tool can track your marketing campaign’s budget to the last coin. At a glance, you’ll see your current spend and the dollars waiting to work for you. 
Getting granular with this feature makes it easy to understand the exact figures of interest. Immediate access to your expenses and balances allows you to make informed decisions.
For example, if the tool shows that you’re burning money without making any significant progress, you may decide to re-strategize your game plan. Bonus: with Welcome‘s budgeting tools, financial reporting and invoicing become a breeze thanks to easy integration. 

4. Capacity Planning – Balance Your Resources, Demand, and Workloads

When planning to boost revenue, throwing names, tasks, dates on your spreadsheets can prove inefficient and ineffective. 
Robust capacity planning can help to slash your resource expenses, accumulate vital information, ensure availability, and manage your team’s skills inventory. Additionally, resource management features empower your scheduling process and human talent management.
If every member of your team spends their days juggling myriad tasks, delegating can become stressful and productivity can easily get thrown out of the window in such a situation. A robust marketing planning software can take this headache away from you.
It will help you assign the right tasks to people with the right skills at the right time. Also, you’ll escape the trap of resentment and drama from employees that feel under-utilized or over-burdened. 
Let Welcome rescue you from such traps of resentment and falling productivity. Our marketing management platform gives you a complete view of each team member’s responsibilities. That way, managing workflow becomes a pain-free experience. 
Welcome gives you the power to align work and planning. With a ‘bandwidth view’ into every team member, you can drag and drop assignments while ensuring optimum balance. 
With comprehensive capacity planning, your team will have easy access to the necessary collaboration tools, context, and insights. So driving plans, executing, and measuring high-performing marketing campaigns no longer has to be a complicated task, no matter how complicated your overall marketing strategies are.

5. Time-Tracking – No More Lingering

Every day sees companies launching tons of new campaigns with excellent intentions and a centralized purpose. But in most cases, things quickly fall apart due to poor time management. 
Orchard stresses the importance of using productivity tools to automate and monitor different tasks. With these tools, you can help team members break down tasks into smaller, manageable achievements, set hard goals, avoid multitasking, take breaks, and avoid distractions.
Is a member lagging or performing under par? A time-tracking feature will keep everyone accountable and push them to unleash their best capabilities within the context of your campaign. Who doesn’t want their team to move forward as a formidable pack? 
With this feature, you can finally monitor the time each team or member has spent on a particular task. With this information, you also get to understand how to better allocate your team’s budget, time, and contributors in the future. 
Welcome‘s real-time insights enable managers and team leaders to balance workloads and skills, so beating deadlines becomes easy. Additionally, its time tracking features awards you with attribution data that tie campaigns and input directly to revenue. 

Let Welcome‘s Marketing Planning Software Rule Them All

With Welcome‘s marketing planning software, your team no longer needs to be scattered or confused. Don’t get left behind, it’s time to streamline functionality and inject some freshness into your day-to-day work life.
With the right marketing planning tool, you’ll meet your deadlines without having to rely on email chains that tend to leave off team players accidentally. You’ll also eliminate confusion and clarify responsibilities, strategies, and goals.
Team leaders and managers can now track tasks, ensure team members are accountable, and make timely changes to the plan. From conception to project delivery, a marketing planning software with these features will ensure that your entire team is on the same page, every step of the way. 

Unified Planning, From the Spark of an Idea to Its Implementation

It’s time to bid farewell to outdated project management tools like email chains, presentations, and static spreadsheets. It’s time to embrace a modern, all-in-one tool that will simplify your daily tasks.
Bring your campaigns and teams to collaborate from a central place – not in siloed email chains, Zoom meetings, and Slack threads. Get things right from the word go with Welcome‘s planning tool:

  • Develop Unified Marketing Briefs: bring the right workforce on board to brainstorm and establish campaign briefs. Let briefs take the center stage of your project. Archive them in cloud storage away from the project, and you risk derailing the plans. 
  • Invite the Right Brains for Collaborations: Assemble all collaborators in a central place. These people will form the team of creators.
  • Create Realistic Workflows: Maximize your workflows to ensure every team member is fully informed when participating in the campaign. 

Welcome‘s marketing management platform is an all-in-one solution that integrates your marketing game. From collaborative, tailored workspaces to shared marketing briefs, you’ll have all it takes to keep everyone focused on the same goals. 
Ready to give Welcome‘s marketing planning software a try? Get started with a free Welcome account today.

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