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COVID-19 Q&A: How Kaseya Maintains Visibility During Remote Work

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Marketing Challenges Created by Coronavirus

We all know that COVID-19 has had a transformative impact on content, marketing strategies, and the ways in which we work (in fact, NewsCred recently commissioned Sirkin Research to conduct a survey aimed at identifying the specific impact of the coronavirus on marketing teams).
But we wanted to speak with some of our best customers directly, in order to learn how they were leading their teams in these unprecedented times, and get a better sense of how we could help.
In this edition of “COVID-19 Q&A”, NewsCred’s CMO, Matt Malanga, sits down with Amy Newman, Senior Director of Content Operations at Kaseya to discuss some of the specific challenges her team has experienced — and how they’re overcoming them.

Q: What are the biggest challenges you and your team are facing as a result of the pandemic?

AN: Reading through the survey responses, one thing that struck a chord was the fact that so many companies had to pivot to have remote workforces and getting their marketing teams working from home. We are a fairly geographically dispersed marketing org. I’m based in New York. My manager who oversees all of the demand gen org is based in Phoenix. We have our design team in Phoenix, Arizona. Our web dev team is in Phoenix. And we all have teams and employees in Bangalore. My entire team is based in Bangalore and my video team is in Miami. We have marketing ops folks in Tampa. So we’re all used to working different times zones. We have a marketing team in Europe. We have a marketing team in Australia. So we’re used to shuffling, brainstorming, collaborating over digital communications. Moving teams to work from home was not challenging; it was fairly smooth as far as that goes.
What was a challenge was changing the messaging that we were working with. It’s hard to get folks to pick up the phone when they’re concerned about their health, their loved ones, the very survival of their business. Fortunately, Kaseya’s line of products speaks well to a remote workforce and we realized that pretty much right away and we were able to get a campaign out the door that kind of said, “Hey, how are you making the transition to working remotely? Do you have what you need? Are you secure? Do you have a backup? Do you have a remote RMM or endpoint management in place?” And our product lines, quite honestly, even in the best of times, speak well to a remote workforce.
Now that the dust has settled a bit, it’s more challenging in some ways because we are back on track with the campaigns that we had in our back pocket and we need to factor in the messaging that comes with the fact that times are not the same. Security concerns are a little different. Backup is a little different. Folks need to back up from home, not necessarily the office, so we have to kind of interject that as well as other cornerstone marketing campaigns we have. We do an annual benchmark survey to where managed service providers are at. That data was gathered pre-COVID, so while some of it’s relevant, other pieces of it have changed and we need to make sure that we’re noting that. We need to make sure that when we do a webinar on that data, that we’re speaking to those facts. I think this is going to be a little bit of an ongoing challenge over time, as we all acclimate to the new normal.

Q: Are you seeing a shift in investments?

AN: So we’ve obviously put the brakes on in-person events. A lot of events have gone digital, at least for this quarter, so we’ve made changes in that regard. The first week or so, it was like webinar, webinar, webinar! I mean, we all have Zoom fatigue at this point. There are only so many webinars you can sit through. We’ve been experimenting with things like Facebook Lives and LinkedIn Lives and those seem to garner pretty quick and solid audiences. Obviously, there are issues with those because they’re a little tougher to gate. We’ve been working on some training videos. It’s a little bit of a longer curve on building them out than on building a webinar but the idea is that folks are home. Folks have more time. They’re spending more time in front of their computers. It gives them a shorter snapshot, a shorter piece of content than a full-on webinar. They can digest it in five to seven minutes. We’re looking down that path. We’ve been experimenting a little bit with more interactive tools. I think the most interesting piece at this time is there’s a whole lot of “why not?” as opposed to “no, we can’t do that.” So that’s been very exciting to be part of.

Q: How has NewsCred’s Content Marketing Platform helped your team collaborate, manage, and get more visibility into all your campaigns?

AN: So, at a broader level, NewsCred keeps us organized and keeps us aligned. It keeps us accountable. It allows us to leverage content. We have multiple lines of business that my team supports and a few other lines of business that are in NewsCred as well, and to be able to have that visibility into what everyone’s doing is tremendous. We learned a valuable lesson about the value of NewsCred with the COVID-related campaign. As we were building out this quick touch campaign and pivoting, we thought, “Oh, let’s just do it over email. Let’s use Dropbox. It’s fine. It’s quick. There’s only four or five of us involved with it.” Ironically, of the four or five of us that were heavily involved with this campaign pivot, three of us were the NewsCred evangelists, if you will, selling everyone on the value of it. And we were no strangers to CMPs either because we had a CMP prior to the NewsCred and we know we live or die by what’s in the management platform. But we thought we’d build it out and that was great and we were good for about four days. And then we realized that there was no record of anything and we had to backtrack and plot everything in there. So lesson learned. It definitely is a valuable tool, and we need to follow our own advice.

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