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Introducing Welcome’s all-new ‘Plan’ experience

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As with most things in life, successful execution begins with proper planning — and your marketing campaigns are no different! 
That’s why Welcome is excited to introduce Plan — an all-new experience designed to help you create, visualize, and manage your strategy from a single, easy-to-use interface.
‘Plan’ brings four critical marketing planning views together — List, Calendar, Timeline, & Board — each of which delivers a specific, beautiful, and rich visualization helping you see how your marketing strategy breaks down and keep track of certain activity.
All four views are completely unified through a single filter, allowing you to toggle seamlessly and visualize your plan in different ways.
And the best part? Teams can save an unlimited number of views (such as “Content Calendar” or “Q3 Product Launches”), refer back to them, and share them out. The views will update dynamically as work progresses — meaning you, your team, and your team’s stakeholders will always have real-time visibility. 
Read on for a quick description of each view, as well as specific details about what’s new! 


The List 

An enhanced “spreadsheet-like” table to manage your entire strategy

Welcome Plan - List View.png

Visualize how your entire marketing plan breaks down & make updates on the fly. 

The List view provides a complete breakdown of your entire marketing strategy — across campaigns, tasks, and events. Leveraging the familiar-and-intuitive spreadsheet-like experience from the legacy “Work” module, the List view will introduce several new features, including: 

  • ‘Activity Type’ filter – to surface specific object types (e.g. Campaigns, Tasks, & Events)
  • Redesigned filter panel – to split out standard (e.g. Status) and advanced (e.g. Campaign-, Task- & Label-based) filters
  • New columns – including “Task Completion Date”


The Calendar

A birds-eye-view across all planned & scheduled marketing activity

Welcome Plan - Calendar

Keep tabs of what’s on (or off) track, monitor progress, and ensure your team hits every deadline.

The Calendar tab introduces a modernized version of the existing monthly planning and publishing found in today’s Calendar module, and introduces the following enhancements: 

  • Modern UI – with a highly-visual design to help teams understand what’s happening at-a-glance
  • Display Toggle – allowing you to decide exactly what information is displayed on each calendar tile (e.g. thumbnail, step information, etc.)
  • Quick Search – to surface relevant activities for easy discovery and navigation
  • Date Picker & ‘Today’ Button – to select from a preset date dropdown (e.g. ‘This Week’ or ‘Next Month’) and easily refer back to present day


The Timeline

An easy-to-read, Gantt-style calendar to visualize campaigns

Welcome Campaign Sharing.png

See your campaigns displayed over time, group/color-code activities for easy visual reference, and monitor dependencies. 

The Timeline tab enhances the existing timeline calendar for improved campaign visualization, helping you see exactly when (and how) your entire marketing strategy breaks down. Key features and enhancements include: 

  • Easy Expand & Collapse – to quickly expand all sub-campaigns (and tasks/events nested within) or collapse all rows with the click of the mouse
  • ‘Color By’ – to visualize campaigns by assigned campaign color
  • Sortable Columns – including ‘Title’ (alphabetical order) and ‘Reference’ (ID)
  • Drag-&-Drop – to move campaigns and supporting tasks/events to new rows with ease


The Board

Agile-inspired views to surface, group & manage work streams

Welcome Plan - Board.png 

Leverage traditional Kanban views and powerful pivot tables to monitor team progress.

The Board gives you line of sight into who is working on what (and when) helping team leaders balance workloads and collectively meet deadlines.

With the Board, you can: 

  • View by Status – quickly scan what’s in queue, what’s in-progress, and what’s completed 
  • Group By – using Campaign, Format, or other metadata to see your work organized the way you need  
  • Drag-and-drop – easily shift work and ensure deadlines are met





Anthony Aiosa is Welcome’s VP of Product Marketing.  

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