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INFOGRAPHIC: How to Create Big Rock Content for Content Marketing

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In this infographic series, we share the top five trends that will shape content marketing in 2018, as well as key tactics for implementing them into your program to drive the results that matter most to your company. Here’s how to create a big rock content strategy to fuel your content marketing program.
Big rock content can be hugely impactful for your content marketing program. It’s a piece of content so monumental that your audience can’t help but pay attention to it. There is no specific format that big rock content has to assume. It can be anything from an e-book to a printed magazine to a short video or feature film; it just has to be much larger than your day-to-day content marketing efforts. 
Though producing big rock content may be a heavy lift on your team, it can ultimately result in substantial returns on your time, effort, and money investment. Here’s why: You can endlessly repurpose and redistribute big rock content. To visualize how one piece of big rock can generate a large ecosystem of content, consider the “content marketing Thanksgiving turkey” analogy. You can break down your big rock into lots of smaller pieces, the same way you would “slice and dice” your leftover turkey to enjoy in a variety of ways after the Thanksgiving meal is over. For content marketers, this might mean turning a short video into a GIF, or a whitepaper into an infographic.
In 2017, Nike set the bar high with what may have been the most epic big rock initiative of the year. In “Breaking2,” three elite marathoners attempted to shatter the two-hour marathon mark. The outcome was just as impressive as the campaign itself: More than 13.1 million people tuned into the livestream of the marathon on Twitter. National Geographic produced a documentary about the event, which generated 1.5 million views. On social media, “Breaking2” received 2 trillion impressions. Needless to say, Nike’s investment in big rock paid off in a big way.
Your big rock content initiative does not necessarily have to be as ambitious as Nike’s in order to be successful and have an enduring impact. One whitepaper or interactive piece can drive incredible ROI for your brand.
Take a look at the infographic below for our tips on how to get started creating big rock content:
1. Big Rock Content-rev9.jpg
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Gaby Tama is NewsCred’s Social Media and Content Marketing Associate.

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