ICYMI: 3 Ways to Sprint Like a Startup feat. Forrester

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Re-orgs are the fad diets of marketing.

They promise the world — hyper-growth, agility, a transformed way of working — yet deliver little in the way of lasting results.

In this webinar, Welcome’s own Shafqat Islam and special guest / Forrester agile marketing expert Marcia Trask, break down 3 key ways the world’s best marketing teams are running lighter, leaner, more flexible…and keep them that way.

In this fully interactive event, they’ll show you how to ditch the re-org — which (let’s be real) is often more about shuffling operations around than pinpointing the roots of your issues — and go for an un-org. You’ll learn how to undo the bureaucratic steps, silos and inefficiencies weighing your marketing team down.

Watch the session below! 


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