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How to Create Exceptional Content [CHECKLIST]

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At NewsCred, we believe that exceptional content drives business outcomes. 
Over the years, we’ve become an end-to-end solution that meets all of our clients’ content marketing needs – and these days, that means producing original content in various formats, ranging from motion graphics to data journalism.
We’ve made a substantial investment in forging partnerships with best-in-class writers, designers, videographers, and podcast creators. We have an amazingly talented team of in-house editors and strategists who work closely with our range of clients. And we all agree that in additional to be exceptional, every piece of content should be created with a clear mission and direction. Most importantly, it needs to add value to its audience’s life.
We decided to put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard?) to craft a mission statement that we can always refer to when we create content. We’ve shared it with our customers so they can remember why they’re investing in content, too.   
After writing about our perspective and approach to content marketing, we started to ask ourselves, “OK, this sounds good, but now what?” We decided we needed a way to evaluate our work more objectively. There’s a ton of noise on the Internet already, and we certainly don’t want to add to it, nor publish content for the sake of meeting an arbitrary publishing cadence.
We crafted a tactical checklist for every kind of content we produce, including articles, videos, infographics, and podcasts. And we’ll likely add new formats here as methods of storytelling emerge.
Our customers, who sometimes work with other vendors, writers, and content producers, have found it extremely useful. They’ve told us it has helped them set high standards and achieve alignment across the board.
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