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DAM Is Key to Creating Personalized Content. Here’s Why

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reading time: 5 mins
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Before we get to DAM and personalization, food for thought. You should consider rating your personalization on a scale of 1-10.

Scratch that. How about you rate it from a rude “Hey, you” to a warm “Hey, Jane” instead.

How do the subject lines of those weekly newsletters you send each morning fare or the pitches you’ve been sending?

If you feel that you’ve hit the ceiling on what you can squeeze from personalization, Don’t fret. The lead generation deities left you a little something for moments like this.

It’s called a Digital Asset Management System Software.

On the other hand, this and other Welcome blogs are like a tiny guide the gods also left behind. It will tell you how the gears in your Digital Asset Management systems can fit into the sprockets of your personalization strategy.

That and everything in between.

This blog will cover the following sections:

  • What’s In A Name, The Difference Between “Hey, you” and “Hey, Jane”
  • Why 51% of marketers say that personalization is their utmost priority, the Benefits
  • WTF Is Digital Asset Management Software
  • Your Personalized Strategies Supercharged with a Digital Asset Management Software
  • Say Goodbye To Generic Communication With Welcome

What’s In A Name, The Difference Between “Hey” and “Hey, Jane”

If you’ve been around digital marketing for some time, you’ve probably heard about personalization enough to write an NYT bestseller.

Well, do you believe the hype? According to the numbers, you should.

Personalization is the best thing to happen to lead nurturing since SEO.

However, it’s sad to see the number of businesses yet to unleash the power of personalization in their growth strategies. Don’t be one of them.

Some of the numbers to bring everything into perspective are:

  • 90% of US Consumers find marketing personalization somewhat or very appealing.
  • 63% of consumers will stop buying from brands that use poor personalization tactics.
  • 42% of consumers are annoyed when content isn’t personalized.
  • Personalized homepage interactions influenced 85% of customers to buy.
  • Personalized email subject lines generate 50% higher open rates.

Why 51% of marketers say that personalization is their utmost priority, the Benefits

Personalization will bring your customer relations into a new era. Speak about customer trust, a lower bounce rate, increased engagement, brand loyalty, and everything you and other business people dream of at night.

With personalization, most of this is within reach. Some of the benefits you should look forward to once you perfect personalization in your business include:

1. Advancing Customer Relationship

All the complexities about customers, the millions of studies, and the heaps of books all come down to one word. 


Once your target audience can build a personal relationship with your brand, you’re halfway done with trust. What better way to achieve this than personalization?

Personalized content will lead your client through the awareness, delight, consideration, and eventual purchase stage of their journey.

2. Create Better Customer Experiences

“People will forget what you said to them and what you did. However, they’ll never forget how you made them feel ” – Somebody famous or Maya Angelou for personalization’s sake.

Like many other marketers, you don’t play when it comes to CX, which is totally understandable given its importance.

From your customer’s point of view, personalization will bring convenience into their lives. This includes helping them to:

  • Receive exclusive discounts on products and content they like
  • Receive personalized product suggestions
  • Find products and content faster and easier

Personalization is among the best ways of delighting a customer, and you should consider adding it to your CX strategies.

3. More Conversions and Increased Revenue

Eighty percent of consumers are more likely to make a purchase when brands offer a more personalized experience.

Applying personalization comes in handy when converting customers and making sales. This is especially true when you go the extra mile and apply personalization in landing pages and calls to action.

What is a Digital Asset Management Software

A Digital Asset Management Software (DAM) is a system that stores, organizes, retrieves, and shares all your marketing assets. 

This includes your videos, audio, graphic images, and sound recordings of your marketing department.

However, this dictionary definition has 2015 written all over it. DAM systems have changed over the years.

They now have capacities you wouldn’t have imagined a few years ago, such as:

  • Automation
  • Data and analytics
  • AI and Machine Learning

These recent advancements and features have made digital asset management an essential tool for effecting personalization.

Digital asset management systems, given that they have central access to all your data, are your best bet for collecting, analyzing, and organizing data that you can leverage in personalization.

Your Personalized Strategies Supercharged with a Digital Asset Management Software

This is what happens when an unstoppable object meets an immovable object.

You don’t need to imagine. Just bring an effective DAM with an equally effective marketing strategy, and then stand back and watch the magic unfold.

Zero doubts that your personalization strategy is able. However, maybe a little push from a sophisticated DAM system is all it needs to give you that edge above the competition.

DAM software will bring the following into your personalization strategy:

  • Conversion rate optimization
  • A digital experience platform    
  • Dynamic content optimization
  • Automation of mundane tasks

1. Build Better Buyer Personas

With the data your DAM collects from the footprints your customers make online, you’re better poised to nail your buyer personas.

Once you learn that your prospective client Tom takes black coffee each morning, the possibilities of what you can do with that information are endless.

Your next email marketing subject line could be:

“Hey, Tom! Here’s 8 Equally Strong Marketing Strategies To Read With Your Morning Brew.”

Even your dad who hates email would open that message. That said, the data that a Digital Asset Management Software collects online has never been this crucial.

It will give you insight into:

  • The gender/identification of your prospect
  • Key dates such as birthdays and anniversaries
  • Your prospect’s shopping preferences 
  • Your prospects beliefs such as vegan, climate-conscious, etc.

2. Create Better Content

Content creation is not the backbone of inbound marketing. That’s a common misconception.

Relevant content creation is, and it’s, a thin line many businesses often miss.

Once you have jumped onto the SEO or inbound marketing train, the next step is to ideate and curate relevant content for your audiences.

The data that you collect from personalization efforts makes it easy to create targeted content. Some of this is data about:

  • Geographical locations
  • Individual preferences
  • Local festivals and holidays etc.
  • Views and preferences

3. Conquer Content Bottlenecks

Eighty percent of marketers say it takes about 12 weeks to complete a content marketing campaign (Internal Welcome & Sirkin study.)

The process of content creation from ideation to publishing can be overwhelming. Above that, a low content velocity uses most of the resources you would have spent on more productive activities like personalization.

DAM software works by bringing your digital assets under a single dashboard (more about this single dashboard towards the end). From here:

  • You can find all your content whenever you need it
  • Your team members can now self-service with your minimal input
  • The DAM automates your approval, review, and collaboration processes

With all of your video, audio, graphics, and documents under one platform, it’s easier for you to disperse, manage and publish this content automatically using DAM software.

4. Content Atomization

Oblivious to many, clients’ needs and preferences shift as they move from channel to channel. 

Think about it; the email you send your client on a Monday morning should differ from the Instagram marketing you send them on a Saturday afternoon.

With this, optimizing your content and ensuring dynamic delivery becomes essential to maintaining the relevance of your content despite changing circumstances. 

With the rise of omnichannel monitoring, this can prove to be a challenge, but not with DAM. Current DAM software can optimize and atomize your content depending on the circumstances.

This way, you can automatically change the:

  • Theme colors
  • Tone
  • Length
  • Cropping
  • Images and videos of your content according to circumstances

5. Repurpose Existing Content and Personalize It

Seventy-one percent of marketers say being able to repurpose content is very important (Welcome & Sirkin Internal Study Jan 2021).

Creating unique experiences becomes a hassle the more clients you have to reach. At some point, repurposed content becomes a more viable option for at-scale marketing.

However, is there a way to ensure unique experiences from personalized content?

Well, you probably guessed it. DAM software can repurpose and customize your previous content such that each recipient gets a unique outreach.

Don’t Know Where to Start: How About Bringing Everything Under A Single Dashboard.

That’s a lot. Think about all the work of running even a personalized campaign. That’s why legends trust Welcome.

Not only does Welcome come with all the efficiencies and capabilities of a modern DAM system, but it’s also a favorite for its ability to bring all aspects of your campaign within reach under a single dashboard.

From this dashboard, you can automate workflows, track progress, and link up with your teams. Get started with a free Welcome account today!

Done reading and ready to try Welcome?

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