[Webinar] Forrester analyst Marcia Trask & CEO Shafqat Islam Demystify Campaign Planning

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From Static to Dynamic: The 3 Keys to Better Campaign Planning (feat. our very Welcome guest, Forrester analyst Marcia Trask) is now available to view on-demand! πŸ‘‡

Agile marketing expert Marcia Trask joined Welcome CEO Shafqat Islam to spill the secrets to successful – efficient, effective – campaign planning.

Marcia & Shafqat shared the templates, tools, and know-how you and your team need to make your campaign planning dynamic πŸ’₯ – so you can move quickly and react to change, without losing sight of your big-picture marketing goals.

Watch the webinar below to learn how to…

βœ… Structure planning horizons (in a repeatable, iterative way)

βœ… Develop (and adopt) a clear taxonomy to support your planning

βœ… Cascade marketing plans down to tactics (while building sprint backlogs and rolling calendars)

Watch it all here πŸ‘‡


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