Welcome is a great Workfront alternative

Ditch the old-school project management tools that were built for IT. Purpose-built martech can help you achieve 2x more, 2x faster.

Marketing teams and creative services orgs are choosing Welcome for its ease of-use and ability to power the entire planning & execution lifecycle.

Welcome brings together the best capabilities of content marketing platforms (CMP), marketing resource management (MRM) tools, gantt charts, kanban boards, project management, marketing work management (MWM) platforms, and digital asset management (DAM) systems to provide an all-in-one workspace where agile marketers can orchestrate their content and campaigns.

That means more productivity, more teamwork, and less time doing work about work.

With Welcome, marketers are equipped to align strategy and plans from conception to execution, accelerate asset and content production, and demonstrate results.

Marketing Lifecycle
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Highly visual and shareable monthly planning and timeline calendars, with real-time updates to show current status and progress of campaigns and content.
Granular resource-based capacity planning closely aligned to project management teams. Offers Gantt charts but minimal calendar functionality for planning.
Rich-text editor for original content authoring and multi-format asset annotation, proofing, and versioning (with support for all file types).
Multi-format proofing and versioning happens in an external tool, and there is no rich-text editor or ability to create content within the platform itself.
Fully native digital asset manager with support for all content formats, providing complete asset lineage to show who repurposed what, when, where, and why.
Dependent on external integration with tools like Adobe Experience Manager or WebDAM. Unable to natively trace content lineage back to tasks and campaigns.
Seamless integrations into your most important downstream tools (Social, CMS, Sales, etc.) so you can push your final assets/content to every channel from one location.
Lacks critical integrations into key marketing technologies, creating manual ‘work about work’ (e.g. download/upload, copy/paste, communicating across different systems, etc.).
Performance data is aggregated from CRMs & MAPs, quantifying campaign & content impact on pipeline & closed-won revenue.
Limited data outside of basic operational reporting.
Requests are intelligently routed to a centralized queue, enabling teams to collectively accept, prioritize, and initiate work.
Similar routing capabilities as Welcome, but was originally designed for project/IT tickets. Significant customization and workarounds are often required to deliver a marketing-centric experience.
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A modern, intuitive, and thoughtfully-designed user interface — one that Forrester scored 5 out of 5 in its latest MRM Wave.
Users often cite difficulty in execution as a result of an outdated user interface, generic vernacular, and hacky product workarounds (a result of not being purpose-built).
Public and fully transparent pricing. Get started for as little as $19 user/month.
Undisclosed pricing will keep you guessing about how much you’ll need to get up and running.

Welcome was designed to accommodate marketing teams of all sizes, with competitive pricing models.

Whether you’re a small team or small business, a startup that needs a basic plan, or a large company that needs an enterprise plan, you’ll find that Welcome is one of the best Workfront alternatives for your marketing project management needs.

Create an Email Newsletter in 90 Seconds with Welcome and Marketo

This just in: building beautiful email newsletters does not have to be a tedious, manual burden.

Welcome is the hub of our brand ecosystem, for all of our creative services globally, helping us orchestrate and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

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