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Welcome is a great Wrike alternative

Use modern software designed for marketers, not project managers.

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Legacy work management tools, like Wrike, aren’t purpose-built for the complexities of marketing teams that require integrated task management.

On the other hand, Welcome software is.

You have to give Wrike some credit. They’ve been around a long time (15+ years)! Largely because their project management software has a range of features that were originally engineered for true project managers and more technical users. 

But generic, legacy work management tools like Wrike were not designed with the needs of today’s modern marketers in mind, which can leave teams searching for an alternative to Wrike. 

Welcome, on the other hand, is the new software on the block. It’s more than an agile project management tool. 

It offers a full suite of highly visual, intuitive features that were purpose-built with marketers in mind. 

By bringing together everything that marketers need to power the entire marketing lifecycle — including editorial calendars and gantt charts for marketing planning, content editors and customizable workflows for content production, kanban boards and shared views for collaboration, integrations for asset publishing and storage, time tracking and resource management templates for task management, and even full-funnel content measurement — Welcome becomes an easy-to-use, all-in-one platform helping marketing teams orchestrate their campaigns and content in real-time.

That means more time being creative, and less time figuring out how to make old-school project management features “work” for your marketing activities. 

Check out the comparison below to learn why more and more marketers are choosing Welcome as a Wrike alternative.

Marketing Lifecycle
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Infinite ways to visualize the entire marketing plan (using numerous calendar visualizations) across marketing teams & channels.
Wrike only has one type of project view: an interactive Gantt chart. But what about your content, your campaigns, and everything else?
Built-in SEO tools and data-driven recommendations for keyword planning, ideation, and tracking.
Robust set of features helping teams create, edit, annotate, approve, version, and govern content.
Limited commenting and support for individual document uploads.
Integrate with your most important downstream channels and publish content with one click of the mouse.
Native DAM capabilities make it simple to store, locate, and reuse valuable assets for future campaigns.
Support for file storage within individual projects.
Measure audience engagement, track conversions, and quantify the impact of your content on pipeline and revenue.
Quality of Life
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Enterprise Features
Welcome Orchestrate offers a suite of required capabilities for large enterprise, including SSO, two-factor authentication, and custom role management.
Some capabilities to assist large enterprises, including Professional Services provided at an additional cost.
Welcome‘s user interface sports a beautiful, modern design that caters specifically to marketers (in fact, Forrester gave it the highest marks – 5 out of 5 – in the 2020 Wave for Marketing Resource Management.)
Wrike has been around for 15+ years, and the navigation can be difficult to navigate for beginners.
Innovative Roadmap
Welcome is a young platform, and we pride ourselves on our ability to ship new features continuously, listen to customer feedback, and adapt to market needs/demands.
Wrike is a mature product, and was recently acquired by Citrix. How will that impact speed of development and innovation?

Top 5 Reasons Why Marketers are Considering a Wrike Alternative

While Wrike’s Free plan advertises unlimited users, it imposes a 2GB restriction on storage per account, and places limitations on the number of active tasks you may have at any one time. Not to mention, access to the platform is only offered on a limited trial. That makes it a bit difficult to actually get any work done (without stress, at least).

Welcome’s Free plan is actually free… forever! Invite up to 5 of your teammates, run up to 5 campaigns every month, and use Welcome’s planning and ideation features as needed. 

Wrike was originally built for project managers and professionals looking to drive efficiencies — not marketers trying to be creative and have fun in the process. Not only can this make navigation and orientation tricky for beginners, but the older style interface does not typically evoke feelings of inspiration and joy.  

Welcome was designed from the ground up with marketers in mind. Everything in the platform — from the sign up flow and guided onboarding, to the user interface — is purpose-built to help marketing teams streamline the way they collaborate. It’s beautiful, highly-visual, and consistently recognized by analysts as a result. 

Wrike, historically, was built for the enterprise. Meaning it comes with a steeper learning curve (and as a result, can be tough to use and difficult to adapt to). And, because it isn’t purpose-built, it can often require marketers to figure out workarounds or use processes that “make do.” In fact, Wrike markets Professional Services on its pricing page specifically to onboard teams and oversee configuration. 

Welcome aims to streamline the onboarding process, with guided tutorials and use-case based experiences that help your team get up and running fast. Even post-onboarding, new team members are often able to come right in and take advantage of the intuitive feature set. Because platforms like Wrike & Welcome should make work easier and more enjoyable… not more complicated!  

Where’s the love for marketing? Wrike has repackaged its platform for marketing with the “Wrike for Marketing” offering, which boasts “interactive proofing for 30+ file formats” but what about ideation and creation? What’s a “collaborative work management platform” without the ability to actually create and collaborate IN the platform? Downloading and re-uploading docs from other systems just seems like more work about work…

Welcome offers native ideation and content creation capabilities that help marketers do what they love most — be creative and produce exceptional content for their campaigns. Whether it’s automated recommendations for content topics, or powerful editors to create amazing new campaign assets, Welcome gives teams everything they need — all in one platform. 

Wrike’s pricing page spotlights 5 different base plans — ranging from “Free” to “Pinnacle” — and then offers special packages for “Marketing and Creative Teams” and “Service Delivery Teams”. On top of that, Wrike has a number of add-on features to select from, including Wrike Integrate, Wrike Lock, and more. It all seems so… complex. And cumbersome. 

Welcome is transparent, and simple. We offer 4 different paid plans, each of which serves a very direct use case.

Ready to get your team started using shared calendars and planning functionality? Go with Welcome Plan.

Looking to create and publish new content for various digital channels? Welcome Create is your package!

Need to optimize team resources and better manage work? Welcome Manage is for you.

And if you’re ready to crush it all, Welcome Orchestrate will help transform how your team runs marketing. Learn more.

Welcome was designed to accommodate marketing teams of all sizes, with competitive pricing models.

Whether you’re a small team or small business, a startup that needs a basic plan, or a large company that needs an enterprise plan, you’ll find that Welcome is one of the best Wrike alternatives for your marketing work management needs.

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