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Use modern software designed for all marketers, not just social media marketers.

Welcome is a platform that has, simply, made our lives easier. We’re producing more than before, delivering campaigns, and seamlessly collaborating with all of our stakeholders."

Liz Marlow, Global Project Manager at Sodexo

You have to give Sprinklr credit: they’ve invested quite a bit in their social media management platform as they try to broaden the core uses of the technology. 

For example, years ago, Sprinklr was just a ‘Niche Player’ in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Content Marketing Platforms. However, after several years of effort, they’ve finally been recognized as a Leader (Editor’s note: Welcome has been recognized as a Leader for four consecutive years, and positioned highest on the Magic Quadrant every single year.)

This graphic shows the 2021 Magic Quadrant for Content Marketing Platforms

Source: Gartner, Magic Quadrant for Content Marketing Platforms, Nicole Greene, Rick LaFond, 22 March 2021

However, it's important to look deeper, at the "Critical Capabilities" that Gartner evaluates each of the vendors above on. This criteria set, and scoring for both Welcome and Sprinklr (out of 5) includes:

Critical Capability
Ideation Insight
Editorial Planning
Creative Workflow
Content Metadata Management
Content Performance Analytics
Content Storage / DAM
Multibrand / Multigeo Support

Overall, Gartner ranked Welcome highest among all vendors (including Sprinklr) across all 3 use cases. 

B2B Demand Generation

B2B Demand Generation Use Case - Welcome scored 4.34, Sprinklr scored 4.20.

B2C Demand Generation

B2C Demand Generation Use Case - Welcome scored 4.34, Sprinklr scored 4.19.

Complex, Distributed Marketing

Complex, Distributed Marketing Use Case - Welcome scored 4.32, Sprinklr scored 4.19.

This result is because Welcome is the modern software on the block. It offers a full suite of highly visual, easy-to-use features that were purpose-built to marketers create exceptional, high-quality content and help teams plan, manage and execute marketing-wide. 

Check out the full comparison below to learn why more and more marketers are choosing Welcome as a Sprinklr alternative.

"The full combination of tools has been so helpful, giving us the ability to move swiftly from campaign planning into content execution — especially given all of the different types of content we’re producing. We’re excited to bring more content development projects into the platform, such as print media, to distribute to our local pharmacy partners."

Cassandra Brill, Global Head of Digital, SFI Health
Marketing Lifecycle
Welcome Logo - Primary White-alt A
Standardized, dynamic intake forms field requests from non-marketing departments, and intelligent routing rules automatically assign each one to the right team member.
Infinite ways to visualize the entire marketing plan (using numerous calendar visualizations) across marketing teams & channels while shared briefs facilitate integrated planning.
Sprinklr offers strong global and local campaign content planning, with tools to support multi-channel messaging as well as the ability to tailor messages across audience journeys.
Built-in SEO tools and data-driven recommendations for keyword planning, ideation, and competitive rank analysis.
Sprinklr provides customer insights from social listening and brief-based strategy recommendations.
Robust set of features helping teams create, edit, annotate, approve, version, and govern content — plus Optimizer (built-in SEO writing assistant) and Smart Content (AI-generated original content).
With emphasis on planning, producing, and distributing content across channels, Sprinklr’s functionality for collaborative content creation is fairly limited relative to other vendors in the space.
Integrate with your most important downstream channels and publish content with one click of the mouse — from CMS to social to Sales Enablement, DAM & more.
Strong integrations for social distribution and advocacy, but limited when it comes to broader martech integrations to facilitate content synchronization and process optimization.
Native DAM capabilities make it simple to store, locate, reuse, and track valuable assets for future campaigns.
Limited capabilities for content and asset storage (i.e. native digital asset management).
Measure audience engagement, track conversions, and quantify the impact of your content on pipeline and revenue.
Sprinklr offers the ability to measure content & ROI with production metrics, performance metrics, and reputation and governance.
Quality of Life
Welcome Logo - Primary White-alt A
Welcome‘s user interface sports a beautiful, modern design that caters specifically to marketers (in fact, Forrester gave it the highest marks – 5 out of 5 – in the 2020 Wave for Marketing Resource Management.)
Sprinklr is considered by some to be too advanced, difficult to use, and hard to configure — at times requiring ‘power user’ level training. See below.
Innovative Roadmap
Welcome is a young platform, and we pride ourselves on our ability to ship new features continuously, listen to customer feedback, and adapt to market needs/demands.
Sprinklr is investing quite a bit in their technology, but what is the vision? In fact, Gartner cautions prospective buyers about this in its latest Magic Quadrant for CMPs.

Top 5 Reasons Why Marketers are Considering a Sprinklr Alternative

Recent reviews on Gartner are semi-critical of Sprinklr, with certain customers citing challenges working with customer service. Take this excerpt from the Gartner Critical Capabilities for CMPs, for example:

“[Sprinklr] users and clients cite inconsistent customer service, which directly impacts their ability to fully utilize the complex, rapidly changing product’s feature set. As noted in last year’s Magic Quadrant, Sprinklr faces continued challenges with reliability and consistency.”

Welcome has received nearly 50 reviews on Gartner Peer Insights and maintains an average rating of 4.6 stars out of 5. Additionally, many reviews cite positive experiences with Welcome’s Professional Services team. For example, this customer said,

“I have been working with the [Welcome] team on transforming our Marketing workflow and collaboration process over the last six months. The team has been incredibly supportive, innovative with their approach to addressing our complex and unique organizational needs, and has provided counsel and support at every step. They take our feedback in stride and have worked to create new features and functionalities to support our use cases. They understand what it takes to transform a marketing organization and have talent in house who can lead clients through their experience.”

According to Gartner, “Sprinklr’s vision of a customer experience strategy that unifies various Sprinklr platforms triggers short-term complexity. Clients must invest time in understanding primary use cases, training and data capabilities to get the most out of the platform. Some expressed concern about keeping up with new capabilities. Weigh the desire for a seamless user experience against adjusting to the platform’s aggressive roadmap.”

Welcome has a singular mission: helping marketing teams orchestrate the entire marketing lifecycle to improve visibility and increase efficiency.

This focus on a specific use case allows us to deliver purpose-built functionality that brings together everything that marketers need to power the entire marketing lifecycle — including editorial calendars and gantt charts for marketing planning, content editors and customizable workflows for content production, kanban boards and shared views for collaboration, integrations for asset publishing and storage, time tracking and resource management templates for task management, and even full-funnel content measurement.

As a result, Welcome becomes an easy-to-use, all-in-one platform helping marketing teams orchestrate their campaigns and content in real-time.

Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Content Marketing Platforms has been around for four years (the inaugural report was published in 2018). In that initial research, Sprinklr was positioned in the lower left-hand quadrant, as a “Niche Player”. Over the years, Sprinklr has made a solid effort to further develop its platform, and is now positioned as the 2nd highest vendor in the quadrant (behind Welcome). 

Welcome, on the other hand, was named a Leader and positioned highest for ‘Ability to Execute’ for four consecutive years (formerly known as NewsCred in the 2018-2020 iterations of the research).

Additionally, Welcome was ranked the highest for all three core uses covered in the research, including: B2B Demand Generation, B2C Demand Generation, and Complex, Distributed Marketing. Welcome has clearly demonstrated a strong, consistent track record with Gartner, other analyst firms, and customers alike. 

According to one recent review on Gartner Peer Insights, “there is a lot of potential— if you have a crew of power users. [Sprinklr is] very hard to customize or even to understand the potential of what is possible.” 

Gartner seemed to confirm this, warning that certain organizations may not be prepared to take advantage of certain Sprinklr features. Specifically, “These features can add to the complexity of the platform and require more time training core and extended teams to use the platform. Marketers should match their content marketing maturity roadmap to Sprinklr’s capabilities to ensure utility of the features.”

Welcome is designed to be intuitive, easy-to-use, and scalable. By combining a clean UI with purpose-built functionality and a streamlined onboarding experience, Welcome is able to deliver a positive experience that translates into happier team members, maximum adoption, and more marketing (i.e. less configuration and ‘work about work’). 

What does it cost? What is the user experience? These are questions we still have, because Sprinklr does not offer a free trial nor publish its pricing for reference publically. 

Welcome is transparent, and simple. We offer a free version of our product so you can get started, immediately, and see why teams make Welcome their home for marketing. We also offer 4 different paid plans, each of which serves a very direct use case and is published with clear pricing on our website. Learn more.

Welcome was designed to accommodate marketing teams of all sizes, with competitive pricing models.

Whether you’re a small team or small business, a startup that needs a basic plan, or a large company that needs an enterprise plan, you’ll find that Welcome is one of the best Sprinklr alternatives.

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