Welcome is a great Percolate alternative

Use modern software designed for all marketers, not dated platforms for social and content ops.

Years ago, Percolate was a category builder and a pioneer, serving as a great solution for a singular use case: providing basic planning capabilities for standard brand planning, and managing the distribution of content (specifically for customer communication channels). 

This was part of a strategy to be the “system of record” for content and social teams. 

But traditional content marketing platforms have evolved, and legacy tools like Percolate may not fully meet the needs of today's modern marketers and content creators, which can leave teams searching for an alternative.

In the most recent Forrester Wave for Content Marketing Platforms, for example, Forrester’s analysts recognized Welcome (formerly NewsCred) as a Strong Performer for CMPs, positioning it highest among all vendors in the research (Editor’s note: the vertical y-axis indicates strength of offering).  

Source: Forrester Wave for CMPs B2B (2019)

Welcome is a platform that has, simply, made our lives easier. We’re producing more than before, delivering campaigns, and seamlessly collaborating with all of our stakeholders."

Liz Marlow, Global Project Manager at Sodexo

Percolate, on the other hand, barely finished as a Contender, in the middle of the pack. Specifically, Welcome finished with a higher overall score compared with Percolate for Current Offering, Strategy, & Market Presence

  • Current Offering: 3.26 (Welcome) vs. 2.29 (Percolate)
  • Strategy: 3.40 (Welcome) vs. 1.60 (Percolate)
  • Market Presence: 4.00 (Welcome) vs. 3.00 (Percolate)

And, drilling into the specific “Offering” (i.e. product) details sheds even more light. From Planning, to Production, to Utilization, Activation and Governance… Welcome (formerly NewsCred) consistently scored the highest among all vendors, with significant gaps (particularly compared with Percolate). 

Source: Forrester Wave for CMPs B2B (2019)

As you can see, Welcome is the modern software on the block. It offers a full suite of highly visual, easy-to-use features that were purpose-built to marketers create exceptional, high-quality content and help teams plan, manage and execute marketing-wide. 

Check out the full comparison below to learn why more and more marketers are choosing Welcome as a Percolate alternative.

Marketing Lifecycle
Welcome Logo - Primary White-alt A
Standardized, dynamic intake forms field requests from non-marketing departments, and intelligent routing rules automatically assign each one to the right team member.
Infinite ways to visualize the entire marketing plan (using numerous calendar visualizations) across marketing teams & channels while shared briefs facilitate integrated planning.
Strong focus on calendaring, integrated campaign planning, taxonomy and metadata governance for global multi-LOB brands
Built-in SEO tools and data-driven recommendations for keyword planning, ideation, and competitive rank analysis.
Content ideation & curation is non-existent (accessible only via partnership with 3rd-party Skyword).
Robust set of features helping teams create, edit, annotate, approve, version, and govern content — plus Optimizer (built-in SEO writing assistant) and Smart Content (AI-generated original content).
Weaker-than-expected in-platform content production tools for long-form content (e.g. workflows, multi-media content management, CMS & non-social integrations, etc.)
Integrate with your most important downstream channels and publish content with one click of the mouse — from CMS to social to Sales Enablement, DAM & more.
Strong integration with sales enablement vendor Seismic (given acquisition); otherwise basic martech integrations across CMS & social tools.
Native DAM capabilities make it simple to store, locate, reuse, and track valuable assets for future campaigns.
Support for file storage within individual projects, but questionable features for lineage, utilization.
Measure audience engagement, track conversions, and quantify the impact of your content on pipeline and revenue.
Analytics focused on usage and distribution (as opposed to content-centric analytics).

"The full combination of tools has been so helpful, giving us the ability to move swiftly from campaign planning into content execution — especially given all of the different types of content we’re producing. We’re excited to bring more content development projects into the platform, such as print media, to distribute to our local pharmacy partners."

Cassandra Brill, Global Head of Digital, SFI Health
Quality of Life
Welcome Logo - Primary White-alt A
Welcome‘s user interface sports a beautiful, modern design that caters specifically to marketers (in fact, Forrester gave it the highest marks – 5 out of 5 – in the 2020 Wave for Marketing Resource Management.)
Percolate has been around for 10+ years, and the navigation is considered by some to be old, dated, and unintuitive.
Innovative Roadmap
Welcome is a young platform, and we pride ourselves on our ability to ship new features continuously, listen to customer feedback, and adapt to market needs/demands.
Percolate is a mature product, and was acquired by Seismic in 2019. How will that impact speed of development and innovation? What are the plans?

5 Reasons Welcome is a great alternative to Seismic Percolate

What is Percolate up to? Do they have customer stories? How do we learn more about the platform? These are the questions we have (but cannot answer) because Percolate’s site redirects to Seismic without any insight or context. 

Welcome is transparent, and accessible. All of the information you need to make a purchasing decision is outlined clearly on the website — whether it’s platform functionality, core use cases, customer case studies, pricing, and more. Welcome even offers a free version of the product so you can get started, immediately, and see why everyday more marketing teams are choosing Welcome as their home for marketing.

Speaking of Seismic… Percolate was acquired by Sesimic in 2019. But since then… there has not been much news. What is going on?  What are the plans? And what will be the long-term impact on the product roadmap, professional services, and customer experience? We do not know… 

Welcome takes pride in its ability to remain nimble — and we apply that mentality to everything we do from product innovation (i.e. listening to the market and adapting based on its needs), to customer service (i.e. finding solutions as quickly as possible), to professional services (i.e. extending the value of the platform with an amazing team). 

As mentioned above, Percolate placed in the middle of the pack in the most recent Forrester Wave for Content Marketing Platforms, possibly because it lacked select features such as robust content analytics and deep multi-channel (non-social) integrations.  

Welcome was recognized as a Strong Performer in the most recent Forrester Wave for Content Marketing Platforms (in both the B2B and B2C versions of the report). Additionally, other analyst firms have recognized Welcome as a Leader, including Gartner who has positioned Welcome at the top of its quadrant (higher than all vendors including Percolate) for 4 years in a row. 

Many early CMPs like Percolate were architected for large, complex organizations. This rigid configuration resulted in a lack of flexibility for smaller, more agile teams, making work more difficult than it needs to be (as it relates to setup, configuration, and daily use). 

The architecture behind Welcome provides a lot of flexibility for teams to scale up or down. Larger, enterprise teams can set up global-to-local sharing, meaning child instances (e.g. local markets) are able to operate individually while parent organizations (e.g. global) are able to maintain control and visibility.

Conversely, Welcome makes it simple and intuitive for teams of any size to get started via a light, easy, and guided onboarding experience.

Welcome’s thoughtful design makes it easy to set up teams, share campaigns, facilitate collaboration, add/organize/share approved content, track asset usage, and more… for any size team. 

Percolate helped define the narrow “Content Marketing Platform” use case several years ago, with a heavy concentration on social publishing to “create a coordinate customer experience.” In the heyday of content marketing, this was considered sufficient. But fast forward to today, and marketing leaders (and teams) have a need for more versatility out of their investments (not just be a channel-specific solution). 

Welcome brings together everything that marketers need to power the entire marketing lifecycle — including editorial calendars and gantt charts for marketing planning, content editors and customizable workflows for content production, kanban boards and shared views for collaboration, integrations for asset publishing and storage, time tracking and resource management templates for task management, and even full-funnel content measurement.

As a result, Welcome becomes an easy-to-use, all-in-one platform helping marketing teams orchestrate their campaigns and content in real-time.

Welcome was designed to accommodate marketing teams of all sizes, with competitive pricing models.

Whether you’re a small team or small business, a startup that needs a basic plan, or a large company that needs an enterprise plan, you’ll find that Welcome is one of the best Percolate alternatives for your content production, content operations, and content marketing needs.

Experience why Welcome is a great alternative to Percolate

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