Welcome is a great monday.com alternative

Every day, more and more marketers are making the switch from monday.com to Welcome for marketing project management. And with good reason.

campaign planning spreadsheets

Horizontal project management tools, like monday.com, aren’t purpose-built for the complexities of marketing teams that require integrated task management.

On the other hand, Welcome software is.

In fact, Welcome brings together the best capabilities of content marketing platforms (CMP), marketing resource management (MRM) tools, gantt charts, kanban boards, project management, marketing work management (MWM) platforms, and digital asset management (DAM) systems to provide an all-in-one workspace where agile marketers can orchestrate their content and campaigns.

That means more productivity, more teamwork, and less time doing work about work.

With Welcome, marketers are equipped to align strategy and plans from conception to execution, accelerate asset and content production, and demonstrate results.

Software Type
Welcome is a marketing orchestration platform to run all your marketing better, from a single workspace.
X – monday.com is a team management platform that allows users to run processes, projects, and workflows in one digital workspace.
Solution Type
Loaded with marketing-specific features and project management functionality for marketing communications, brand, content, and creative teams exclusively.
X – Not built with only marketing use cases in mind. Provides generalized functionality to support IT, HR, sales, among others.
Free Plan
Up to 5 users, forever.
Get Started
X – Up to 2 users for 14 days. Get lost!
Collaboration Features
Great features for proofing, editing, annotations, approvals, version control, and governance.
X – Limited features
Planning Features
Infinite number of ways to visualize a shared calendar across marketing teams.
X – Limited calendar capabilities
ROI Content Analytics Capabilities
Effectively measure what content is influencing revenue via attribution reporting.
X – N/A
Digital Asset Management (DAM) Capabilities
Native DAM capabilities to effectively store, locate, and reuse valuable assets.
X – Limited
Content Ideation Features
Built-in SEO tools for keyword planning, tracking, and ideation.
X – N/A
Content Creation & Publishing Capabilities
Plan, produce, collaborate on, and publish content directly from Welcome.
X – Limited content creation and publishing capabilities
Enterprise Features
Welcome Enterprise offers a host of required capabilities for large enterprise, including SSO, two-factor authentication, and custom role management.
X – Some capabilities to assist large enterprises

8 Reasons Welcome is a great alternative to monday.com

And it shows.

To us, Welcome is more than a name – it’s a concept.

And rooted in that concept is our foundational mantra that “we love marketers.”

Marketers need a tool that goes beyond organization. They need more than just a user-friendly project management solution.

They need orchestration.

Welcome is a 4x category leader by Gartner, offering a complete marketing orchestration platform that supports the entire content lifecycle. From planning, to creation, to publishing, to measuring.

No other platform gives marketing teams the same visibility and insights into their marketing campaigns without a steep learning curve like Welcome does.

With features like time tracking, task management, gantt charts, kanban boards, calendars, DAM libraries, team collaboration, saved templates, and so much more, Welcome goes above and beyond to accommodate even the most agile marketing teams.

Monday Disadvantage: Monday supplies users with a generalized project management tool that can function as a marketing tool if you customize it the right way.

Welcome is purpose-built for marketers right out of the box. That means not just tracking work, but actually doing work.

Welcome is a viable monday.com alternative as we provide an all-in-one, single share environment for any sized marketing team.

Collaborate, review, and approve content and creative assets together with customizable best-in-class workflows, playbooks, and templates.

Our award-winning content marketing platform allows team members and project managers to create, edit, share, track time, and measure content success all within Welcome’s user friendly user interface.

Monday Disadvantage: Monday has a limited content editor integrated into its software and is arguably much less robust than what Welcome offers.

We go above and beyond your average project management software.

One core reason Welcome has been rated a 4-time leader in Gartner’s MQ in the CMP category is because of Welcome’s robust, real-time content ROI analytics.

Welcome integrates with many CRM tools to provide insight into which content is being consumed by specific customers.

Monday Disadvantage: Monday’s content analytics and asset measurement capabilities can only go so far as their third party integrations will allow.

Welcome makes file sharing and resource management easy.

In order to make the most of great content and other digital assets, an integrated and customizable DAM is a critical feature.

Otherwise, valuable marketing assets get lost in the sauce.

Or, worse yet, salespeople will keep using the outdated logo in emails because they couldn’t find the new one (or they didn’t even know one exists!)

Welcome has an integrated DAM so that content and assets can be stored, searched, and reused; so you can maximize utilization of your content.

Welcome’s DAM also features an activity log, messaging capabilities, and asset collections for better organization and less dependencies on external communication.

Monday Disadvantage: Monday doesn’t provide DAM analytical depth, usage metrics, and governance that Welcome does.

How many project management software platforms have SEO ideation built-in?

Conceptualize content ideas and project planning with Welcome’s Idea Lab, which provides intensive keyword research and tracking, competitive analysis, and content opportunities.

As an added bonus, no tool makes it so easy for anyone on your marketing team to measure keyword performance over time.

Welcome scores content based on readability, keyword density, and utility to help your content rank.

That means your CEO or any other team members don’t need to hound you for a SEMrush report anymore when they want to track your most valuable keywords.

Monday Disadvantage: Monday has no SEO research or ideation capabilities built-in to the platform, clearly a great reason why marketers, especially content marketers, could find Welcome software a superior alternative to Monday.com.

Marketers and management need calendars that are as intuitive and agile as they are.

Welcome’s calendar feature allows for custom filtering and endless parameters, which means you can easily track and save any workflow you want.

Better yet, virtually no other platform allows users to get work done within the calendar view.

Running late on a deadline? Just drag and drop the task as needed according to due dates.

Because the calendars are so natively integrated with the work teams are doing, everything is updated in real-time, with calendars always displaying current snapshots of all work in progress.

Welcome provides shared calendars for every possible type of calendar a marketer could imagine. Content marketing calendars. Editorial calendars. Comms calendars. Global GTM calendars. The number of shared campaign calendar views are limited only to your imagination.

Monday Disadvantage: Monday allows users to work directly from a simple calendar view… but that’s the problem. Marketers need a bit more complexity with their workflows beyond who’s doing what and when. Welcome’s calendar view is a window into a robust workspace.

What good is a content calendar if all it does is organize your content?

What if your content calendar actually had publishing capabilities?

And what if you could also publish to your social platforms, website, and blog without leaving the workflow?

Welcome unites all these features into one frictionless publishing experience.

Publish your content to key downstream channels with just the click of a button!

Monday Disadvantage: Monday relies on integrations for social media publishing. With Welcome, content, graphic design, and social posting are natively integrated into one seamless workflow so you can execute directly from your single workspace.

When we say we love marketers, it’s because we know that the core tenet of every successful marketing department is team collaboration.

Whether you’re a content writer, freelancer, graphic designer, social media guru, product marketer, project manager, or comms professional, Welcome provides a virtual collaboration tool for each of those team members to harmonize.

No other project management tool is out to capture the hearts of marketers like Welcome.

Welcome was designed to accommodate marketing teams of all sizes, with competitive pricing models.

Whether you’re a small team or small business, a startup that needs a basic plan, or a large company that needs an enterprise plan, you’ll find that Welcome is one of the best monday.com alternatives for your marketing project management needs.

Experience why Welcome is a great alternative to monday.com

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