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When it comes to financial planning and budgeting, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better tool out there than BrandMaker. It has a pretty complete solution dedicated to helping teams allocate budgets and manage operations (hence their tagline, “Think Bigger About Marketing Operations”). 

But, true orchestration of marketing can’t happen without a complete set of capabilities — and that includes the ability to collaborate on campaign plans, produce exceptional content, and measure the impact of your work. 

After all, content is the singular most important currency we have as marketers. Whether you’re a content marketer, product marketer, field marketer, communications/writer, creative/designer, social marketer, demand gen marketer, or other, the one common thread is that every team needs access to tools that help produce, distribute, and provide access to content for use in marketing campaigns. 

Unfortunately, this is one area that BrandMaker severely lacks. 

Just take a look at the graphic below, produced by Forrester in its most recent Wave for Content Marketing Platforms, which scored BrandMaker on its ability to help Govern (1.60), Plan (1.90), Produce (1.25), Utilize (2.10) and Activate (0.65) content. 

Welcome (referred to as NewsCred above), has content in its DNA — edging out BrandMaker across every category including Governance (3.00), Planning (4.00), Production (3.05), Utilization (2.90) and Activation (3.20)

That’s because everything in Welcome was designed to help teams collaboratively plan (and execute) their marketing campaigns and content. From beautiful planning calendars, to powerful content editors, to a large set of publishing integrations, to best-in-class content measurement capabilities — Welcome becomes an easy-to-use, all-in-one platform helping marketing teams orchestrate their entire campaign and content lifecycle (not just “operations”). 

Check out the comparison below to learn why more and more marketers are choosing Welcome as a BrandMaker alternative.

Marketing Lifecycle
Welcome Logo - Primary White-alt A
Infinite ways to visualize the entire marketing plan (using numerous calendar visualizations) across marketing teams & channels.
BrandMaker offers strong financial planning and budget management, but its simplistic calendars can make the other parts of campaign planning a challenge
Built-in SEO tools and data-driven recommendations for keyword planning, ideation, and tracking.
Not mentioned on website
Robust set of features helping teams create, edit, annotate, approve, version, and govern content.
Not mentioned on website
Integrate with your most important downstream channels and publish content with one click of the mouse.
Not mentioned on website
Native DAM capabilities make it simple to store, locate, and reuse valuable assets for future campaigns.
Limited digital asset management capabilities including storing, sharing, and measurement (utilization) of content
Measure audience engagement, track conversions, and quantify the impact of your content on pipeline and revenue.
Not mentioned on website
Enterprise Features
Welcome Orchestrate offers a suite of required capabilities for large enterprises, including SSO, two-factor authentication, and custom role management.
BrandMaker has been around for 13+ years and serves an enterprise customer base primarily in Europe.

Top 5 Reasons Welcome is a Great BrandMaker Alternative

Give them credit for participating; BrandMaker finished as a “Challenger” in Forrester’s most recent Wave for CMPs. They were not, however, the last place finisher — they were able to edge out ScribbleLive on both the Y-axis (product capabilities) and the X-axis (market presence).

Welcome was recognized as a Strong Performer, ranked the highest among all vendors on the Y-axis as the most complete product offering.

BrandMaker is based out of Europe, and has done well to build a large, enterprise-focused customer base. But according to Forrester, BrandMaker has “occasionally struggled to support some users outside its European base.” Forrester goes on to suggest “Marketers with sophisticated content creation and activation demands should check local references to ensure that support coverage and service levels will address their needs.”

Every Welcome package comes with access to our premier Customer Support (with unmatched response times and service level agreements) as well as access to our self-service KnowledgeBase. Larger deployments include a named Customer Success Manager as well, but in any case, you can be sure you’ll be getting the utmost care, attention, and support necessary to help you get the most out of Welcome

According to Forrester, “[BrandMaker] lacks the content workflow, gaps/ opportunity identification, quality review, support for interactive elements, and sales and marketing collaboration features that catapult other rivals ahead.” 

Forrester recognized Welcome as one of the strongest vendors in the report, with high scores across all primary product criteria (e.g. planning, production, governance, etc.). Specifically, in addition to robust content editors and multi-format asset proofing and storage, Welcome offers proprietary, industry-leading analytics across engagement, conversions, and revenue — giving your marketing team a true measure of the performance of its content.

As demonstrated in its recent acquisition of Allocadia, BrandMaker is doubling down and making heavy investments in their product, but primarily on the budgeting and financial planning side of the house. 

Welcome’s product focus spans the entire marketing lifecycle, with dedicated R&D teams focused across: Campaign Planning, Content Production & Measurement, Digital Asset Management, and MarTech Interoperability. Welcome is continuously listening to customer feedback, adapting to market needs/demands, and shipping new features.

Perhaps it’s an age thing (BrandMaker has been around since 2008 after all) or just a brand personality trait, but BrandMaker comes across a bit traditional and rigid. Take for example the design of the website… (or the product UI itself)… or the lack of pricing on the website… or the unavailability of a free trial. It doesn’t feel very modern or transparent.  

Welcome aims to serve the modern marketer, and has designed its product with convenience, ease-of-use, and (most of all) transparency in mind. And we try to apply those principles to everything that we do. That means offering our customers the ability to get started completely FREE so they can get a feel for the product before they sign up… or documenting our pricing on the website in order to be completely transparent with our future customers. “Welcome” to a better way to run marketing!

Welcome was designed to accommodate marketing teams of all sizes, with competitive pricing models.

Whether you’re a small team or small business, a startup that needs a basic plan, or a large company that needs an enterprise plan, you’ll find that Welcome is one of the best BrandMaker alternatives for your marketing orchestration needs.

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