Culture & Careers

Everyone needs a job
(well, almost everyone).

Some do it for the money. Others do it for the privilege and honor of the work.  The luckiest people are the ones who get to do both. 

We at Welcome realize we’re in that fortunate camp.

We don’t want people who will just fit our culture. We want people who can help make our culture even better. If you feel you are a high performer who can thrive in our world, we would love to have you join our team – together we can create something special. 

We're not just building a great product. We collectively decide and build the type of company we want to work for.

Our “How We Work” document is open-sourced to all Welcome employees to help us build a company and culture that we love. We’ve also opened up this doc for anyone in the world to view – so you all can get a sense of who we are and what we stand for.

Our mission is to unleash the potential of marketing.

We believe marketers spend too much time doing work about work. With our help, marketers will be able to spend their days being creative and working on the most important thing: bringing great products that change the world to market. 

We believe marketers deserve software that is purpose built for them. So, we are building marketing orchestration software that helps them plan, collaborate, and work better together.

Want to learn more about your role in helping us achieve our mission?

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“When we founded this business in 2008, we had a vision of building a company of consequence…”

Shafqat Islam, CEO & Co-Founder

Let's talk about values.

These aren’t impressive sounding platitudes that we put up on the lobby.
Our values are demonstrated tangibly every day by the people we hire and promote.

Trust is the foundation of all our values. And as such, we value it over everything. We believe that trust is earned; we first have to give trust before receiving it. We assume noble intent in all situations. That means that even if we disagree with someone, we believe that they are coming from a place of goodness.

We love working in teams and get more satisfaction out of winning together than we do from individual success. We believe that being tightly-knit is part of the foundation of great teamwork, so we make time to get to know our teammates, not just as colleagues, but as people. We embrace the diversity of our team members and know that the more varied our backgrounds and experiences, the stronger we are as a whole.

We lead compassionately. We know that sometimes it’s better to be kind than right. We have strong opinions, weakly held. We treat people with respect, independent of whether we agree or disagree with their opinions or views. We give radically candid feedback because that’s the compassionate way to help teammates succeed. We are actively inclusive and go out of our way to keep people from feeling excluded or marginalized. Our compassion extends beyond our employees. We believed companies have a responsibility to take care of those in the communities in which we work and live.

We exist because of our customers. We make decisions that are in the best interests of our customers, always, even if that means breaking the process or challenging the status quo. We don’t take “no” for an answer if it helps our customers and we have the ability to deliver. We always consider what is in the customers’ best interest and communicate with transparency and integrity. We obsess about our customers’ business results and ROI.

We exhibit perseverance and tenacity when faced with challenges. We proactively offer ideas and solutions that inspire our teammates and move the company forward. We encourage and lead colleagues when times are tough.

We believe in building a diverse company and community.

We celebrate diversity and embrace our differences. 

We learn about each other so we’re able to be ourselves, share our beliefs, and have a voice to express our views guided by our company values. 

At Welcome, we are committed to recruiting, hiring, and retaining a diverse community that is representative of the ones we live in. 

This includes providing ongoing opportunities for education, awareness, and partnerships that share our commitment to eliminating unconscious bias and raising awareness about experiences other than our own.

Perks & Benefits

Compliments of the house. We’re all about providing the perks and benefits to make work cozier, life easier, and both of them a lot more balanced.

Incentivised Stock Options

When we grow, so does the value of the work you put into the company. The longer you stay, the more we grow.

Training & Development

At Welcome, we believe that we’re never done learning. We offer soft-skill training sessions, department-specific learning and pride ourselves on our commitment to internal career growth and professional development opportunities. 

Flexible Leave Policy

We know life doesn't operate on a typical 9-5 M-F. When you need  to take time to focus on what's most important, we've got your back.

Paid Parental Leave

12 weeks, minimum. All we ask in exchange is those adorable baby pics. *We will always respect any national/state regulations that require different paid leave amounts. 


You and your family's health always comes first, top to bottom. Because Lisa needs braces (it's okay, we did too). Plus comprehensive life & disability insurance to help you feel secure, no matter what.

Employee Assistance Programs

WorkLifeMatters provides unlimited confidential tele-consultations with an EAP Counselor, plus up to 3 free referrals for matters such as: Legal & Financial, Dependent Care, Lifestyle & Fitness, etc.

Global Hackathon

Twice a year we drop everything, assemble cross-functional teams, and compete to take on a project for cash prizes. It's genuinely a ton of fun. 

Retirement Options

We’re not supposed to work forever. Here at Welcome, we offer the opportunity to contribute towards your retirement planning and financial goals. Save towards retirement and start planning where you’re going to visit first!

Unlimited PTO

Like, for real. If you can get your work done, you can take as many beach days as you want. No need to hoard PTO days until November just in case you get the flu.

Flexible Work Hours

We want you to work however you work best, in case that wasn't clear by now. Set a schedule that works for you and your life.

Peer-to-Peer Recognition

Thank your colleagues for their hard work with complimentary monthly Bonusly budgets. Nominate your peers for awards and additional compensation. 

Plus commuter benefits, training and development, regular family meals, team bonding events, and a whole bunch of other fun stuff we ran out of room for up there. Basically, we want you to love working here as much as we love having you work here. Sound good?

We don’t want people who will just fit our culture.
We want people who will help make our culture even better.

If you feel you are a high performer who can thrive in our world, we would love to have you join our team - together we can create something special.

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