Welcome has been acquired by Optimizely, the leader in Digital Experience Platforms.

Our Story

We believe marketers deserve software built just for them

Welcome’s mission is to unleash the potential of marketing teams.

Decluttering inboxes, joining meeting after meeting, going through back-and-forth (and back again) reviews and approvals…

Marketers spend 75% of their time on such ‘work about work’* instead of actually…working. Instead of ideating, creating, testing, analyzing – in other words, doing the work that made them want to become marketers in the first place.

With Welcome, marketers can (finally) spend more time on what they love and what’s most important: bringing game-changing products to market. How?

Well, firstly, we’re not some generalized task management software company, trying to appeal to marketers. Welcome is building a product specifically for marketers. We’re the brand that understands how complex launching campaigns and content can be…and we’ve designed our software accordingly.

Which is why Welcome is the world’s leading marketing orchestration platform – we excel at helping marketers plan, collaborate, and work better together.

To hold ourselves accountable to our ambitious goals, we’ve built an open-source “How We Work” document. It’s helped us build a company and culture we (and our customers) love. Anyone at Welcome can edit the doc and anyone in the world can view it. Check out “How We Work” to get a sense of who we are and what we stand for.

A Gartner Leader, 4 years running

Learn why Welcome was once again named a Leader in Gartners’ Magic Quadrant for CMPs, placed highest for ‘Ability to Execute’ for the 4th consecutive year.

See how Welcome compares to other content marketing platforms, what to consider for your CMP in 2021 (and beyond) and how Welcomeis executing the marketing orchestration vision.

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Let’s talk about values

These aren’t lofty platitudes we hung up in the lobby. Our values guide every decision we make: from hiring incredible team members to designing Welcome to helping our customers become wildly successful marketers.

They say trust is the foundation of every relationship…and it’s the foundation of all our values. Meaning we value it over everything. Trust is earned, yet we first have to give trust before receiving it. We assume noble intent in all situations – so even if we disagree with someone’s approach, we believe they’re coming from a good place.

We get more satisfaction out of winning as a team than scoring individually. We believe being a tight-knit crew helps us exhibit great teamwork. This is why we make time to get to know our teammates as people. We embrace the diversity among us and know that the more varied our backgrounds and experiences…the stronger we are as a whole. 💪

Sometimes, it’s better to be kind than right. So we have strong opinions, weakly held; we treat people respectfully, regardless of whether we agree with them or not. As a sign of respect and compassion among our crew, we give each other radically candid feedback. After all, this is the kindest (and quickest!) way to help your teammates succeed. 

Our passion for compassion also gives way to inclusivity – we go out of our way to ensure no Welcomers feel marginalized. Of course, this extends beyond Welcome employees. We believe in mixing business with social responsibility. In our view, all companies have a duty to take care of the communities we work in and live in.

Why does Welcome exist? Because of our customers. So we’ll make decisions that prioritize our customers’ best interests, always, even if that means breaking ‘the process’ or status quo. We don’t take “no” for an answer if it helps our customer, and we’re able to deliver. When we communicate with our customers, we do so with transparency and integrity, all while obsessing over our customers’ business results and ROI.

One thing all Welcomers have in common? When faced with challenges, we exhibit perseverance and tenacity. We proactively offer ideas and solutions to inspire our teammates and move Welcome forward – even when times are tough.

We believe in building a diverse community.

At Welcome, we celebrate our differences. This helps us be ourselves at work, share our beliefs, and speak up to express our views. Our diverse perspectives has also been the key 🎵 to hitting our high notes of success as a company, while developing the marketing orchestration platform marketers love.

At Welcome, we’re committed to recruiting, hiring, and retaining a diverse community that’s representative of those we inhabit. This includes providing ongoing opportunities for education, awareness and partnerships to help eliminate unconscious biases and raise awareness about people’s experiences – not just our own.

Meet Our Executive Team

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CEO & Co-Founder
COO & President
VP, Product
VP of Engineering
VP of Customer Success
VP, Global Sales

“One note about marketing orchestration: it’s our vision for where marketing is going long-term…”

Shafqat Islam, CEO & Co-Founder

Shafqat Islam

CEO & Co-Founder

As an immigrant founder, Shafqat is originally from Bangladesh, born in Thailand, raised in Switzerland, and now lives in New York. He believes anyone can build a great company regardless of background or location. Since founding NewsCred in 2008 and launching Welcome in 2020, Shafqat’s primary responsibility is hiring great people and getting out of their way. And above all else, he’s passionate about unlocking the potential of marketing teams around the world.

What’s a fun fact that we would never guess about you?
I used to be a DJ!

If you had 25 hours in a day, how would you use the extra hour?
Golf because I’m addicted and terrible at it.

As a leader, what business book do you suggest as a must-read?
Team of Teams, Shoe Dog, High Output Management

Charles Hough

COO & President

Charles is responsible for operationalizing and scaling Welcome. He believes that a successful, growing business first requires a strong team that supports, encourages, and edifies one another based on trust and compassion. For that reason, he spends a lot of his mindshare and time trying to create a workplace where everyone has a strong sense of belonging and teamwork while accomplishing great work. Ultimately,  Charles believes we are in business to serve our people: our team and our customers.

In his spare time, Charles likes reading (non-work related books), swimming, and walking his dog (a new post-Covid hobby of his), who unfailingly turns a boring walk on the same trail into an enthusiastic exploration of new territory every day! He has visited many places around the world, but he is hard-pressed to find a favorite place. He thinks every place he visits is exciting, and every culture is fascinating.

Radhika Samant


Radhika oversees the Finance, Business Operations and People teams at Welcome. She and her teams are responsible for driving an employee centric, high performance culture fueled by a highly efficient, fiscally responsible core. Radhika has extensive financial and operational experience in the SaaS B2B space. Previously, she led finance and operations at Signpost, Namely and EnterpriseDB raising over $150M in financings and navigating successful exits.

Matt Malanga


Matt oversees the Welcome marketing team and is responsible for all aspects of marketing, including brand stewardship, demand generation, public relations, analyst relations, field marketing, content marketing, customer marketing, and measuring ROI of marketing initiatives. Matt and his team are passionate about driving awareness, educating people through the buying cycle, and helping to create one of the greatest B2B SaaS brands in the world. Previously, Matt held marketing executive roles at Citrix and BMC Software and has navigated several start-ups to successful exits.

Tzi-Kei Wong

VP, Product

TK Wong is responsible for product and designs at Welcome. She has spent more than 15 years in product and marketing leadership roles and was an agent of growth at several SaaS companies, including Percolate, BrightEdge, and Responsys. Before that, TK led market strategy and global campaigns initiatives for SAP and Business Objects. TK started her career as an Industrial Engineer at IBM and later moved to Oracle to build ERP applications for Fortune 100 companies. She is most passionate about building and scaling teams, products and processes that adapt nimbly to the market, while never lose sight of what matters: customer value. TK holds a BS in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research from UC Berkeley.

Imran Yousuf

VP of Engineering

Imran oversees the engineering teams in New York and Dhaka. He joined Welcome as Head of Engineering for the Dhaka Engineering team in 2014. Prior to Welcome, he founded an e-commerce PaaS and worked in companies with teams distributed across North America, Scandinavia and Japan. He’s passionate about mentorship and building a rewarding culture of continuous learning and growth for software engineers. He also enjoys photography, traveling, embedded systems and robotics.

Britt Hall

VP of Customer Success

What’s a fun fact that we would never guess about you?
I’m a big baseball fan! The Reds are my hometown team and will forever be my favorite, but I’m a ticketholder of my local Colorado Rockies. I’m on a mission to visit all MLB ballparks and don’t mind attending games by myself. When I do go solo, I keep score on old-fashioned paper scorecards.

If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?
S’mores, with marshmallows toasted on an eternal campfire.

If you had 25 hours in a day, how would you use the extra hour?
I’d cook all of the elaborate meals I don’t typically have time for on weeknights. And on the weekends, I’d sleep in without any guilt.

As a leader, what business book do you suggest as a must-read?
The Trusted Advisor by David Maister, Charles H. Green, and Robert M. Galford

This book has been out for 20 years (and contains some outdated language/references), but the concepts are as true as ever. Keep your customers’ best interests at heart, and you’ll both win.

Matt Kingham

VP, Global Sales

Matt Kingham serves as VP of Global Sales for Welcome and is responsible for global sales strategy and execution to drive growth in existing and new markets. Matt is in his third year of tenure at Welcome and has 10+ years of sales leadership experience.