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Top 5 Must-Haves to Run Creative Services Better​

The key capabilities your team needs to execute - flawlessly.​

The results are in: Creative services leaders just like you have spoken.

While 2021 will bring about (even more) change, one thing is for certain: creative services teams are laser-focused on:

But you and your team can't ace these objectives without the right systems.

Must Have #1

Intelligent Intake Systems

The work request module housed within Welcome helps your team automatically collect and intelligently route every request that comes through to your team.

Easily create custom, dynamic request forms for all types of requests, ensure the right information is submitted, and create rules to intelligently route those requests to specific individuals or teams to triage — to accept, decline, or prioritize — accordingly.

work request forms
flexible content workflows

Must Have #2

Integrated Workflows & Task Management

Once a request is accepted, it’s simple to get started on fulfilling it in Welcome.

Assigned team members can initiate a Task, Campaign, or Event directly from the request, and assign a specific workflow for completion (and the original requester can follow your team’s progress along the way).

For each task, team members can leverage a shared workspace to collaborate on new assets together. And once complete, assets are automatically delivered to the stakeholders who need them.

Must Have #3

Visual Capacity Planning

You know better than anyone that running a Creative Services team means optimizing resources.

Welcome offers a variety of ways to view your resources, including Kanban boards and capacity planning visualizations. It’s easy to see who’s over-committed and who has additional bandwidth.

And it’s easy to drag-and-drop projects to reassign work and balance the load –ensuring no one is overworked and that every project gets tackled on time.

resource manager
brand compliance workflow

Must Have #4

Scalable Processes for Brand Compliance

In Welcome, teams can import custom brand guidelines and natively incorporate them into workflows, ensuring nothing is overlooked or misinterpreted.

Put dedicated steps in place to review every creative asset against standardized criteria (e.g. brand color, tone/voice) – ultimately streamlining the approval process for both reviewers and designers.

Must Have #5

Shared Digital Asset Management

Within Welcome, the Library serves as a central repository for all completed content and brand assets.

This not only allows creative service teams to repurpose existing resources to accelerate their work, but also share approved content with other stakeholders who need to access and use these assets.

digital asset management software

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